Party Girls / Naked Party: Vol. 1
Rated light X, 110 minutes

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NP-1001 Party Girls Vol. 1


Real Girls: First Time on Video!!!

NP-1001 Party Girls Vol. 1

NP-1001 Party Girls Vol. 2



Naked Party Party Girls

First time on camera, but ready ...!!!!

New centerfold series of all the girls that you have wanted to see! Amateur that we have found on the beach and at the "events" decide to go on video and show all. Lots of posing and playing, plus the as "far as you want to go challenge." You have newer seen and "interview" video like this one.

Amateur models find out that “naked is fun” in these romps as they undress for the first time on video.

Sometimes the girls are daring and flash in public, sometimes they are shy and stay inside, but always, they share their secret fantasy and let the camera go further than they’ve ever dared. Go way behind the scenes to see real, non-professional girls having fun they never expected to have. We let them go as far as they want to go! In Naked Party Volume 1: (1:50 running time): Order #NP-1001:

Amy Romain: Is attacked by a teddy bear but survives to tell all and bounce her way into camera heaven. She even lets the beads pleasure her as she plays to wild climax. Rated Wet finger X.

Courtney Washburn: Goes underwater in bubbles and erotic fun, then has a bouncy playful moment before settling into her fantasy of playing with herself on camera. Rated wet finger and just wet fun X. A true naked is fun model.

Angela Robinson: Can’t take off her clothes at first, but she ends up stealing the show at the topless go cart races and skyswings topless in a surprise turnabout. She even shops nude on a busy street, then has the time of her life back at the room. Rated light & fun X plus flashing in public.

Rated light X; 110 minutes; Order #NP-1001.

Naked-Party Videos are brought to you by AMX. So many people have asked for more of individual girls. These are some of the best.

Flashing and great girls showing their all. What a combo!

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