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Lake Havasu "Add More Water" Vol. 12 #A-189 

Mardi Gras Maximum Exposure Vol. 2 #A-181 

Bunny Hop?


Naked Snow Angels Vol. 2 #A-140 

Flashing In Public Vol. 5 

Fantasy Fest "Key To Bush"Vol. 3 

Freaky Street Girls Vol. 1 #A-166 

Naked Spring Break Vol. 2 #A-214


Highly Recommended Titles

Naked Mile Run

Naked Spring Break

Lake Havasu Anything Goes Contest

Sex In Public


Lake Havasu!

Lake Havasu "Add More Water" and "Just Add Water" feature the California look and attitude more than any other video could.

What made this trip special were the number of girls who dropped 'em and showed all.  There is nothing more dramatic than moments like these.

Oh, and there was the "drill-do" (vibrator attached to cordless drill).  What can I say?

Lake Havasu Anything Goes Contest Vol. 1 & 2 continue to be fan favorites due to the scene on top of the boat with the whipped cream.  Perhaps, the best scene we ever shot.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras "Maximum Exposure"  Our most popular title is the Mardi Gras due to the number of girls and the amount of decadence on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  

It was hard to decide on a favorite volume but Maximum Exposure Volume 2 is the pick because of the two sex scenes involving our University of Tenn favorite and another blond beauty.  "Flasher roulette" in V-4 was close.

This being said, many of the other volumes of Mardi Gras contain unbelievable footage.  See also: Mardi Gras "Hearts" Vol. 3, Wiggle and Giggle Vol. 1, Mardi Gras "Crazy" Vol. 1 and the one that started it all: Mardi Gras "Wild One" Vol. 2.

Naked Skiing

Naked Snow Angels:

It is safe to say that no other video features a naked girl shot by a photographer doing 360s on skis.  

No other video is shot in the snow & cold with complete nudity.  

No other video is like this.

Flashing Mile Hi Stadium

Flashing In Public Vol. 5:  This series has seen  streaks of Walmart, Kinkos, and the Library, but the Mile Hi Stadium girls and the other spots of this video are standouts of daring.  

The famous Walmart scene is in Flashing in Public Vol. 1.

Fantasy Fest "Key To Bush"

"Key To Bush" Fantasy Fest:  This is the best party of the year.  It is the one that makes the tapers sing about the pleasures of life.  

Another video company owner told me that this was the best video of all time and that no other company would ever match AMX's coverage of Fantasy Fest.

More fun, more girls, more beaches, more sex, more parades, more sun, more ...and more.

All Fantasy Fest volumes are my favorites.

Flashing & Pee

Freaky Street:  This video is more bizarre than any of the others.  The taper should be shot, but in a weird way, it is interesting.  

Unusual girls agree to go full naked on city streets and in parks.  Then, pee in front of everyone.  

No paid actresses are in this video.  Sometimes, it shows.  Many did not like being asked.

It has become the "sleeper hit" but no one will admit to liking it.  

Spring Break Naked

Spring Break "Naked":  The girls are young from 18-22 and so playful.  It reminds me of the Spring Breaks that I wish that I had gone to at that age.

I just wish there were more volumes of this.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras "eXplosiveMany say this series will never be topped due to the combination of spontaneous fun & sexual activity.


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