Spring Break Live at Livestock!  Public Nudity Party!


Spring Break!

April Party

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Spring Fling!

at the Livestock Concerts  


Spring Break Livestock flasher

Concerts & Parties!!!


  Spring Break in Florida nude naked flashers    

Spring Break 

"Spring Fling!"

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Wet T Contest Goes Naked! All 9 Girls!


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What is Spring Fling at Lives Stock?

 A local Tampa radio station promotes a 3 day series of rock & roll concerts  in a pasture outside of town.  It is a tradition of great music and wild women that make this the April stop off for fun in Florida.  While the concerts are off limits to cameras, the campground nearby is where the party takes place. 

"Spring Fling"  Vol. 1

The best girls line up for tequila shots or jello shots and trade away views of their assets for the cameras.  There are lots of girls who have never flashed before but make the decision to pose during this Rock n Roll non-stop happening.   

Girls are up on shoulders, or just walking around top-free or full nude.  It is hot and the girls end up in large crowds with little on.

A wet-t shirt contest turned very naked as 9 girls took it all off for an appreciative crowd.  When the guys threw a banana onto the stage the girls had to be restrained.  Not to be missed!

In a new twist, one of the girls had a kitty tat on her kitty.  We all roared.

  Girls were more into showing off than any other Spring Break.  They bounced and spread and played.!  

Adult Content including nudity, sexual themes, fingers, and unmentionables.   2:00+ hrs.   Order  #A-251.

"Get Your Camera Ready!"

The Action!

Birthday girl decides to put on a show.

Titty licking!

Hula Hoop topless!

Pop cap nipples!

Naked washings with hose!

Bouncing, bouncing & bouncing!

 T Shots For a Hottie!

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Blondie Babe!!

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