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Fantasy Fest  

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Order #A-249 "Kissing Bandits" Volume 1

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What is Fantasy Fest?

 75,000 people gather to participate in Key West's best adult street party during the week of Fantasy Fest.  Halloween makes this a costume party that never lets up including Toga Night, Kelly's Party and culminating in the Street Parade.  AMX provides documentary news coverage of the party from the point of view of a videographer on the street including the public nudity and behind the scenes of a very adult party.  

"KISSING BANDITS" of Fantasy Fest Vol. 1

The Fantasy Fest is the most sensual party of the year.  There is a sexual energy that makes this party special.  The girls of Fantasy Fest are playful and this year the cameras concentrated on the playful girl-girl flashing, touching and kissing.  There is something soft and passionate when two girls forget where they are and kiss and stroke in public.  We were up close and personal to show you what it is like to be involved in the kiss and the touch.

Our two favorite kissing bandits make their way back to the room for some heated girl-girl play that ends in deep penetration and a full climax.  The two girls are fresh and amateur and will steal your hearts as they meet each other on the street but are quick to want more.  One has never been with a girl and it is the first time on camera for both.  Wow!

Body painting has become an art form in Key West.  See the girls ass they strip and pose in the windows, in the bars and in the off-streets.  There is something magical about a girl who strips in front of the cameras for the painting.  And they love it!

One of our favorite girls get body painted by Tioti and makes a tour or Key West in only her body paint.  She is a hottie.   Special thanks to Matt Avery for lending his guitar work and humor to several scenes in Irish Kevin's Bar.  Say hi to him if you are in Key West.  

To end Volume 1, AMX hitched a ride on the float in the  Fantasy Fest Parade, themed as "Days of Future Past."   This year the police stood back and enjoyed the crowd and every girl who ever wanted to flash did so.  There were 100 of girls, maybe 1000s, as the floats went by that raised their shirts, or just took them off, or took off even more.   It is probably the best parade in the country bar none (hear that Rose Bowl?)!  You have to see it to believe it.

Oh yes.  Brittany Spears endures a flatulency problem in this Volume.  Blame it on the dog!  Let's have some fun!  

Adult Content including girl-girl, boy-girl-girl touching, nudity, sexual themes, fingers, and unmentionables.   1:42+ hrs. Order  #A-249.

"KISSING BANDITS" of Fantast Fest Vol. 2"

The wild side of Fantasy Fest is the street girls who love to show their "kitty."  Our cameramen take you to ground zero to see all the best amateurs in their most dramatic moment.   Lots of girls who never have did!

The world famous Sloppy Joe's Toga Party went absolutely wild this year.  The group competion featured cave dwellers of New Jersey, the wild bunch (5 girls), the titty lickers, and the 3 sisters who started top-free and danced and danced.   When they were all on stage it was there was too much going on for 10 cameras.  Way to go Sloppy Joe's!

A long interlude at the beach show what happens during the peaceful days.  Lot's of top-free sunbathers relax near the water.  

The unbelievable Pussy makes her debut in this volume.  She just about wore us out proving her special talents in the back-alleyways.  Who would love this girl's enthusiasm and wildness?

The Fantasy Fest Parade has a "party float" that is always the most fun and the most daring.  The organizers have brought the parade from a family affair to an adult happening by their persistence and their creativity.  This year the "Dungeons" float pulled it off again.  Thanks to Keith for the invite to be a party of the Party Float this year.

Line them up!  The cameras tried to shoot every girl in Key West and we may have succeeded.  What a Party!

 Adult content (nudity, oral boy-girl, fingers, touching & more) 1:54+ hrs. Order  #A-250.

Sisters win Toga competition!

The Action!

A tricycle with a built in dildo that is attached to the petals and moves up and down with every "stroke" was on display for the girls to ride.

The Doctor gives free breast examines as a public service.  It turns out his favorite baseball team is the Boston Boobs.  (Vol. 2).

A messy back-alley BJ featuring the indomitable Pussy!

The Flying Nun went naked on Duval Street in the funniest costume we ever saw with the hat but full naked and flying  (Vol. 2).

See "Bambi" get painted in the window (Vol. 2).

Insatiable Suz and her young first-timer girlfriend will surprise you with their girl-girl romp.  (Vol. 1).

Kissing was in this year!  (Vol. 1 &2).

   Naked Flying Nun!      Favorite of the Party!

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