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What is a Buffalo Chip?

 The Buffalo Chip Campground  hosts the Girls of Sturgis contests as well as some great concerts.  Billed as the "Wildest Party Anywhere," you will have the opportunity to ride shotgun with the AMX photographer and see everything he sees as he documents the party people, the contests, the concerts and the unusual happenings of Sturgis. 

Lots of girls top-free and naked in large crowds at public places.  Included is concert footage of the "girls on the shoulders,"  "bareback" mechanical bull riding, the amateur strip contests, the "titty alley" parades, the campgrounds, and "back to the tent" fun.

Buffalo Chippers Volume 1

Volume 1  

Riders brave the famous titty alley where anything goes on the back of a bike.  Lots of girls who would never show anyone are coaxed into a rather full showing by the appreciative crowd.  Rolling armchairs to motorized bathtubs complete a parade not likely to reach Main Street anytime soon.

The concert schedule include Billy Idol and Poison.  The girls went wild trying to make sure both bands got a view of their appreciation.  Up on shoulders and dancing in the aisles, it is a great moment when the band flies and the girls reach a different zone of excitement.  Lots of young fans get topless in the concert glow.  

Mechanical Bulls must be rode in "bareback" fashion in Sturgis.   See girls that would never do it in any other venue up on the Bull and bouncing for all the cameras as flash bulbs light the night.  And then, there are the girls that bring their own dildos and vibrators for their performance on the bull.  Don't fall off in some of those positions!

The all-naked Miss Buffalo Chips Contest draws some amateurs and some pros for a contest that everyone needs to be at.  See one of the most dramatic scene stealers we have ever witnessed as Heidi blows away the crowd with her energy and style.  And then, there was a goat on stage during the finals.  Really!  You've got to see it to understand.

Titty licking and wild fingers add the spice to the Volume.

Nobody gets you closer to the Party than AMX!

Not rated but adult content (nudity+ sexual activity) appx. 1:50 hrs. 

Order  #A-245.

Buffalo Chippers Volume 2

Volume 2  

Titty alley turns to bottomless and a totally topless ride for some of the riders.  Whole picnic tables of people, truckloads, and walking flashers and all are uninhibited and fun.  

The concert continue to provide a venue for music and wild women.  This time they get up on stage to dance with the band.  20 at a time!  You should have been at this concert!   

Mechanical Bulls rode in "bareback" by one hottie after another.  There were so many great girls that made the decision to go for it one after another.  And sometimes, two or three at a time.

The all-naked Miss Buffalo Chips Contest includes two separate nights of amateur strips in front of a crowd of thousands.  This is the largest venue AMX knows of that allows amateur strips.

Not rated but adult content (nudity+ sexual activity) appx. 1:50 hrs. 

Order  #A-246.

"Titty" Alley Rider!

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