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Europe's Beaches  

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Order #A-106 Europe's Beaches Vol. 1 

Order #A-120 Europe's Beaches Vol. 2 

Order #A-152 Europe's Beaches Vol. 3 

Order #A-176 Europe's Beaches Vol. 4 


Nude Beaches

Nude Beaches

Our world travels include Southern France, Germany, Austria, and More!  See the "English Garden," St. Tropez, Nice and the best hidden beaches.

More Information:

#A-106 Europe's Beaches Vol. 1 

#A-120 Europe's Beaches Vol. 2 

#A-152 Europe's Beaches Vol. 3 

#A-176 Europe's Beaches Vol. 4 

South Beach Miami

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Order #A-127 South Beach Miami Vol. 2

Order #A-110 South Beach Miami Vol. 1

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#A-127 South Beach Miami Vol. 2

#A-110 South Beach Miami Vol. 1

South Beach

South Beach is sunshine and beautiful girls by the thousands. AMX went undercover for the top 250 of the jet setters and girlfriends, and found them oiling up, playing and in the water and showing off to everyone. More young girls than ever, plus we met "naked girl" who always wanted to be in a video. She was naked at the beach, in trees, on the street, and back to the beach, you won't believe it. She showed us a thing or two (or more).

Fantasy Fest "Hurricane of Bush"

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"Hurricane" Title Page

Florida Governor Bush Press Release!

 The Governor declared a national emergency when he discovered all the girls clothes had been blown away at the recent celebration.  "Hurricane Bush" will become a legend in the annals of the Florida Keys for selectively disrobing most of the 75,000 who crowded Duval Street for Fantasy Fest.  

Send your "relief contributions" care of AMX.  The Red Cross intends to try and provide clothing to these needy persons. ###

Spring Break "Naked"

Order from the "Naked" Series:  

Order #A-186 Naked Spring Break Vol. 1 

Order #A-214 Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 2 

Order #A-215 Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 3

Order #A-216 Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 4

More Information:

Preview #A-214-6 Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 2-4

Preview #A-186 Naked Spring Break Vol. 1

college coeds flashing at beach

College Coeds at Spring Break

girls flashing nude on beach

At the Beach


The high energy of Spring Break, combined with warm settings and hot girls, leads to a public nudity blow out.  See just how wild the Parties get, and who shows how much!  

Bikinis, wet t-shirts, and dressed-to-kill dance outfits can stay on just so long at this Party.  When the girls see the camera, “Naked Spring Break” will begin.  

Don’t miss 100s of real life college coeds in spontaneous fun! 

Spring Break "Naked"

Naked Party in Florida

Order the "Naked Party" 

Order #A-217 Naked Party in Florida Vol. 1

More Information:

Naked Party in Florida Vol. 1 #A-221

Naked in the Pool, on the Beach & in the Contest!

Naked Party in Florida!

Everything breaks loose in one wild & naked party that features Bikini Contests, concerts, poolside cat-fights, bartender’s bashes and the wildest club action throughout Florida.  

Spring Break and into the heart of the summer fun, the girls are not wearing much & are about to explode for the camera.  


College Spring Break

Order from "College Spring Break" Event Series: 

Order College Spring Break Vol. 1 #A-160

College Spring Break Vol. 2 #A-161

College Spring Break Vol. 3 #A-185

More Information:

College Spring Break Vol. 1 #A-160

College Spring Break Vol. 2 #A-161

College Spring Break Vol. 3 #A-185

The Twins in the Contest!

Beach chicken fight!

College Spring Break

Spring Break with some of the wildest and youngest girls in one of the best contests ever covered by AMX. 

Plus, great on the beach and around the pool footage of the fun. Even a trip back to the room for a more in depth look at some of the girls. Lots of teens. 

Twins in the contest. This one will be remembered! 

Daytona "10 Days"

Order from "10 Days" Series: 

Order #A-159 "10 Days of Daytona Vol. 2

Order #A-138 "10 Days of Daytona" Vol. 1

More Information:

#A-159 "10 Days of Daytona Vol. 2

#A-138 "10 Days of Daytona" Vol. 1


10 Days

Spring Break and Biker Week:

 The contests continue and the girls show more and more. Our cameras spent the week shooting up at all the action. 

Plus, the early Spring Break girls show as much as they can in this rough and tumble romp through the 2 best weeks of Daytona. 

Hold on for this one!


California Sniper

Nude Beaches Volumes 1-5   

Nude Beaches,California,Beaches,nude,naked

Order #A-218 California Sniper Vol. 2

Order #A-220 California Sniper Vol. 3


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