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Chillcothe Fair   

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Easy Rider Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio topless

Easy Rider Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio

Easy Rider Rodeo topless  Easy Rider Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio  Easy Rider Rodeo topless

AMX Chillicothe Fair!!

2  Volumes of 

the Chillicothe Fair!

The Wildest Spot for Labor Day!

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Order #A-228 Chillicothe Fair Volume 1

Order #A-229 Chillicothe Fair Volume 2

Chillicothe Fair Videos 

Easy Riders Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio Sisters

This beauty and her sister, were Party Girls! 

Easy Riders Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio AMX Video

A favorite from Vol. 1 who showed "it all!"

Easy Riders Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio AMX Video

See through top was removed for this shot!!

Easy Riders Rodeo Chillicothe Ohio AMX Video

Another of the girls that knocked our socks off !!

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Order #A-228 Chillicothe Fair Volume 1

Order #A-229 Chillicothe Fair Volume 2


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Who would have thought??!


What is the Chillicothe Fair?

 In the small town of Chillicothe, Ohio, there is one of the wildest parties that has grown from regional to national status.  The end of summer celebration is unlike any other!

"Chillicothe Fair" Vol. 1

This end of summer blowout, features full public nudity
as 100s of first timer show their bodies.

It is a combination of the college age girls from the area, some dancers who want to get really wild and the wildest of the biker girls.  The mixture is fascination as lots of first timers end up showing when they never expected to.  And, then, it gets really wild!

With over 75,000 people, the Party includes the prettiest girls and the best partiers!  Lots of touching, kissing, and showing off by real people having fun and letting loose. Lots of activity in a public setting! 

One of the most interesting aspects of the fair is the stages that are set up for the dancers.  Amateurs and pros mix to dance and often it is the first time for many of the girls to dance in front of a large crowd.  Their reactions are unpredictable.  

Some girls make the decision to stroll topless through the public area for the day or the weekend.  Others are gradually talked into joining this party that gets more sexual by the day. 

And at night, the touching and feeling get started.  Girls with girls and lots of oral, fingers and more!

The "block party" ends this volume with strippers, dancers, amateurs all going at once in the crowd and on stage.  One girl concludes "there is a god," as she rubs her tits on 7 dicks in the crowd.  And the booty is shaking!

Not rated but adult content (nudity + warning sexual content) 1:30+  hrs. 

Order  #A-228.

"Chillicothe Fair" Vol. 2

This volume contains a girl exceptional by any standards.  Young cute, willing and busty.

Both day and night footage give the variety.  Girls with rings and piercings rattling together, and lots of young beauties, that will amaze you.  And the girls who get in over their heads and have to show 'em! 

Couples walking the entire campground naked so everyone can take their picture.  The girl being lead around by a chain with a padlock around her neck.  

The refrain is "See what she's doing?  I don't even know her name!"

Lots of below the waist action.

The "get naked" girls form their own "titty committee" and call the meeting to order with some widespread bush. 

The twins are in this volume as they get on top of a trailer and then one thing leads to another, and another.  And some more!

There were times when girls were lined up to pose, and we had to say: "just be patient and the camera will come to you!"  No one has more fun than AMX at a Party!

Not rated but adult content (nudity + warning sexual content) 1:30+  hrs. 

Order  #A-229.

The Action!

Girls being let in chains to twins on stage with multiple guys.  Milk squirting to massive.  Bouncing in public.  BJs in big crowds.  Girls with their first taste of another girl!

The refrain is "See what she is doing?  I don't even know her name!"

Big-breasted jumping jacks.  And lots of shaking all over.

The "made in Japan" girl.

Mother-daughter posers. plus a daughter and step-mother.  We left Dad out.

"I'm trying to see through your pants with the camera light.  Well, OK if you must pull them down go ahead."

Never have so many young first timers showed so much!

Wide spread in total daylight posing for the cameras. Special posing sessions for AMX.  Lots of the unexpected!

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The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!


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EZ Rodeo, Bike Week, Concerts & Parties, Gulfport Series

As Wild As It Gets! 

Order the "As Wild As It Gets!"

Order #A-234 "As Wild As It Gets" Volume 1

Order #A-235 "As Wild As It Gets" Volume 2


More Information:

As Wild As It Gets! Information Page


As the "parade" moves around the loop, lots of wild behavior occurred,  Girl-girl oral, boy-girl oral and public sex in front of everyone.  Plus, lots of show off posing with legs open and large smiles!

"Easy Rodeo"

Order from "EZ" Series:  

Order #A-195 Easy Rodeo Vol. 2

# A-196 Easy Rodeo Vol. 3

# A-197 Easy Rodeo Vol. 4

Easy Rodeo #A-168

More Information:

"EZ" Title Page

Held at the County Fairgrounds, this gathering of thousands marks the end of summer with a “rodeo” of fun!  Public nudity is constant during this anything goes party that goes around the clock. 

 Girls walk topless through large crowds to let everyone photograph and look.  Then, at night, there is so much action that it is hard to know where to look next.


"Concerts & Parties" of Sturgis!

Order from "Concerts" Event Series: 

Order #A-193 "Concerts & Parties" Vol. 1

Order #A-194 "Concerts & Parties" Vol. 2

More Information:

#A-193 " Concerts & Parties" Vol. 1

#A-194 " Concerts & Parties" Vol. 2

Public Nudity at Concerts is becoming common. AMX takes you inside the pit to see the girls take it off in very large crowds.  Up on the shoulders to make sure that the band can see, dancing to the music.  Pretty wild stuff!

Also, featured is “bare-back riding” on the mechanical bull, plus a Wet-T contest, and the parade of topless girls at the campground. 

Gulfport Blowout"

Order from "Gulfport" Series: 

Order #A-190 Gulfport Blowout Vol. 1

More Information:

Order #A-190 Gulfport Blowout Vol. 1


The South shall rise again at the Gulfport Summer Blowout. AMX presents the girls that make waving the flag worthwhile at this biker and rowdies party. 

Lots of public nudity, wet-t contests and side actions with girls who say “ya’ll” and “cum back” a lot. 



Bike Week Sturgis

Order from "Bike Week" Series: 

Order  Video A-142 Bike Week Volume 3

Order  Video A-122 Bike Week Volume 2

Order  Video A-107 Bike Week Volume 1

More Information:

# A-142 Bike Week Volume 3

# A-122 Bike Week Volume 2

# A-107 Bike Week Volume 1

Something is special about the biker girls. They don't want to play too coy or act like it's a big deal. They want to show and show a lot and do it just for fun.

 No beads, no dollars, but just to do it because they can.

 Showing off is even more important than beer (hard to believe but true)! You gotta love em!

Public Sex


Order #A-169 Sex In Public

More Information:

#A-169 Sex In Public

Sex in Public

The Sex in Public series features sex in daring places.  Nothing is faked, and the "stars" are real life amateurs who want to do something more risky and you might believe.

Some don't know what they are about to get into!




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