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Mardi Gras!

Raw Sex at   Mardi Gras   Vol. 5

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 Mardi Gras!


eXplosive Mardi Gras!!


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Don't forget that some of the girls we met at Wild In Public are featured in the Party Girls series from Naked Party. 

AMX documentaries are photojournalism of actual events and real people that are newsworthy and of public interest. Videos are taken in public places, or where the public is invited, with participants who draw attention to themselves by their expression, nudity or actions. Our intent is to promote positive change in the society by showing events of civil disobedience, free expression, differing lifestyles, and social culture. 

Our intent is not to embarrass anyone, or to portray anyone in a false manner. The truth is the most powerful force for a photojournalist to change unneeded rules and regulations against freedoms of expression.

Raw Sex Mardi Gras Sex 5!

This video is a compilation of all the sex scenes from the Mardi Gras "eXplosive" videos plus additional footage from Mardi Gras.

RAW SEX is a compilation plus of all the sex witnessed at Mardi Gras from the "eXplosive" series Vol. 1-4. 

These are real couples in New Orleans that canít wait to get back to the hotel, so they find a parking garage or stairway of a hotel and go for it. 

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras Volume 5

Mardi Gras Explosive with a capital X!  

Included in this years Mardi Gras Raw Sex are the following scenes:

A couple goes to the back streets of New Orleans for a little "private time."  Full sex ends in a messy facial shot and the decision is made to go in and order Pizza with a very messy face.  The reaction of the Domino's employees is priceless.  

Two beads exchanges lead to BJ action.  One is in a crowded bar and the other is in the middle of Bourbon St.  You get good beads for that type of action.

An English lass catches on to the Mardi Gras tradition quickly and brings home a bar friend for a late night romp.  What she forgets to tell him, and what leads to a surprise, is the best part of this scene.

Julia plays with the help of the cameraman to a earth shaking climax.  If you have any doubts about what is real and what is faked, the tears rolling down her cheeks will let you know the answer.

A girl is talked into dancing topless on the bar in front of hundreds.  Then, she convinces her friend to join her in the crowded fountain area for full public sex.  You can actually see the people walking down Bourbon St. during this sex.

The "Pig-Tail" girl streaks a Bourbon St. establishment in broad daylight to the delight of passersby on the sidewalk.  Then, she grabs a guy for back at the room fun.

Another girl who joins us in the "back street office" for a sex encounter of the third kind!

The infamous Whipped Cream Girl has some fun!

A couple goes for it in the upstairs bar of the famed 711 Club.




Whipped Cream Incident!  

  A crowd gathered in front of a girl stripped naked and threw whipped cream at her.  When she was covered, the crowd took turn licking it off.  There were over 50 participants who licked, touched or spanked this bad girl.

Bead  Romance?

Beads are sometimes much more valuable than even we think.  Witness the blond who nails our camera assistant on a side street in broad daylight.  This is down and dirty, slam bam, Mardi Gras action at its best.

Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!

More of What Happened!

Touching and feeling!

Some amazing butt work!

Whipped Cream Lick-Off!!



AMX is dedicated to bringing you the news of all the best Parties and most fun across the World. We find real people, having fun, to be the most spontaneous good times anyone can have. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun and different lifestyles. It makes us think of all the possibilities this world has.

Support the 1st Amendment rights that allow AMX to video tape newsworthy events, and each person's individual rights to assemble and express themselves. Freedoms depend on  tolerance and respect of others. 

Always have fun in everything U do!


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