Sugar Bowl, New Years, College Football, Cheerleaders, Bourbon Street

Sgar Bowl,cheerleaders,bourbon street,tits,flashers,naked,college football

Bowl of Sugar  Vol. 2 + 3

Sugar Bowl

naked,flashers,tits,sex,sex,sex,nokia sugar bowl,college football

Order #A-206 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 2

naked,cheerleaders,tits,flashers,bourbon street,nokia sugar bowl

Order #A-207 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 3


College Football Special!

   naked,sex,tits,flashers,new years

Go Hurricanes!

Gators of Florida!

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Order #A-206 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 2

Order #A-207 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 3

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Sugar Bowl College Coeds

Florida Gators vs. Miami Hurricanes

College Football! Cheerleaders!

Sugar Bowl New Orleans!

New Years

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Order #A-206 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 2

Order #A-207 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 3

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Our intent is not to embarrass anyone, or to portray anyone in a false manner. The truth is the most powerful force for a photojournalist to change unneeded rules and regulations against freedoms of expression.

"SUGAR BOWL" Series!

The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans hosts a football game & Party between rivals to see who the best flashers really are.   It's the best football game of the year.


The colleges:  Florida versus Miami. 

Plus, the Saints had a playoff game at the same time.  Lots of St. Louis fans get wild!

 Bowl of Sugar Volume 2

The Gators of Florida met the Hurricanes of Miami in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, but the game was no match for the fun at night.  The college girls squared off on the balconies and in the streets to prove which school would show most spirit and unbuttoned enthusiasm in a public nudity countdown to kickoff!  Both the innocent, and the daring girls, of the Sugar Bowl let it all out by game time.

  Not rated, but adult content (nudity+) 1:34 + hrs. Order A-206.

Bowl of Sugar Volume 3

After the FSU cheerleaders of last year, what could AMX do next?  This year, the New Orleans Saints made the payoffs and the “Saint-sation Cheerleaders” were on hand to add to the New Year’s party.  

Plus, Florida versus Miami in the “how much will you show” finale of the Sugar Bowl & New Years celebration.  College girls from both schools showed their unashamed preferences for football & public nudity.  Who won the game anyway?

  Not rated, but adult content (nudity+) 1:40 + hrs. Order A-207.


 The New Orleans Saints "Saint-sations" the cheerleading squad make an appearance, plus our own ra-ra girls.

Many of the girls that performed at half time come down to Bourbon Street before and after the game.  We know we caught two of them with their pants down. 

Front of the City Police Building!  

  There we are, naked in Armstrong Park, in front of the City Police Building!  Our photo shoot with the cheerleader was conducted under the eyes of the City's finest.

Exclusive Club footage

More great dance footage from the wildest club in America.

The Shoulder Feel Ups!

The girls who go up on the shoulders to get felt by anyone in the crowd are represented in these volumes.  Also, the girls on the balcony who show their all to the street.  

Lots of 18-19 year olds make their debut at the Sugar Bowl.

The Fire Department! 

A group of girls end up talking the Fire Department into allowing them to climb up on the engine and "Fire Flash" the crowd.  It got so hot that the hoses were brought out!

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Sugar Bowl

More of What Happened!

Touching and feeling!

A cheerleader oral!

Some amazing butt work!

Some shivering!

A New Year Occurred!



AMX is dedicated to bringing you the news of all the best Parties and most fun across the World. We find real people, having fun, to be the most spontaneous good times anyone can have. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun and different lifestyles. It makes us think of all the possibilities this world has.

Support the 1st Amendment rights that allow AMX to video tape newsworthy events, and each person's individual rights to assemble and express themselves. Freedoms depend on  tolerance and respect of others. 

Always have fun in everything U do!


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