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Wild In Public  Vol. 1

Public nudity

Order #A-198 Wild In Public Vol. 1 

Wild In Public

Flashing Videos & Streaking!

"Streets of Florida"

South Beach



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Order #A-198 Wild In Public Vol. 1

Public Nudity Videosin the park

Wendy meets Woody!

naked at the beach

Beach at Night!

furniture store picture

Streaking the Furniture Store!

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On the streets of Florida

In car flasher of Georgia!

Street Flasher in Florida!

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Order #A-198 Wild In Public Vol. 1

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Don't forget that some of the girls we met at Wild In Public are featured in the Party Girls series from Naked Party.


AMX documentaries are photojournalism of actual events and real people that are newsworthy and of public interest. Videos are taken in public places, or where the public is invited, with participants who draw attention to themselves by their expression, nudity or actions. Our intent is to promote positive change in the society by showing events of civil disobedience, free expression, differing lifestyles, and social culture. 

Our intent is not to embarrass anyone, or to portray anyone in a false manner. The truth is the most powerful force for a photojournalist to change unneeded rules and regulations against freedoms of expression.


New!! What is Wild In Public?

Wild In Public features great girls in Public Places telling all and showing all.  The fact that it is in public makes everything go different than the expected.  Also, a great event is featured that involves public nudity. 

See the most remarkable interviews ever shot as girls stand naked in public locations and talk about their wildest moments.

Wild In Public Volume 1

Streaking through furniture stores, parks, baseball fields and muffler shops is just the start.  

Full moon bend-overs on busy city streets, skinny dipping in the ocean, and car-hop-candid camera is still the warm-up.  See how far girls will go to be wild in public.

The "event" is the "streets of Florida" where playful amateurs are caught before our cameras.  A visit to South Beach tops off this volume.   You will marvel at what happens! 

Not rated, but adult content (nudity +), 1:42 + hrs. Order A-198.

Flasher Roulette

See the return of Flasher Roulette the most popular game in AMX history.  Two girls elect to play and play until they gamble away all their modesty.

The dorm room hosts one game, and the street is the scene of the hardest working bead collector that we know.

The Streaks!

A furniture store received a tryout from our crew.  Beds and bunks, dinettes and sofas, as everyone shopped til they dropped!  

When AMX asks to see the manager, people respond!  The muffler shop finds that our girls know how to handle their tools.  We know one customer was extremely happy to have his car serviced.

Play ball!  A softball field hosts a new model who has some stories and poses that hit a homer with us.  When she tells of a car ride with the family, you will know the meaning of "road trip."  A remarkable naked "interview" in a public location.

If you were playing Frisbee in the park and saw a naked girl, what would you do?  What if she invited you to touch?  Would you be too shy?  See two guys who get in over their heads with Wendy in the park.

When you move into the neighborhood with the Wild in Public Girls expect a welcome patrol to introduce you to some views and more fun than you thought imaginable. 

Toys are in this year.

The Event! 

A wet-t contest, a look at South Beach, but mainly on the street at night in a major Florida city.  The police try to keep traffic moving as our camera crews ask girls to strip in their cars or on the sidewalk in front of passersbys.  What are we thinking?

Well, when you see a girl get naked and wiggle in front of traffic for over a minute, you will see but not believe.  Lots of takers on our offer to show what you've got.

WildinPublic.com is the new home of a picture gallery on flashing and Public Nudity.  Part of the footage of this video was shot by our friends there.


On street by hotel!

Video Preview Wild In Public (9.4MB for those with high speed access)

Furniture Store Streak * More from Wild in Public

More of What Happened!

We decided against purchasing furniture after shopping for hours.

The muffler shop offered an ownership and employment opportunity that we are deciding on.  

Frisbee golf was postponed due to Woody needing to hold the line.  

The Dade County police department has asked to see this video.

The move to the apartment was successful.  We don't know what they did upstairs.

Monica was recruited to go to the Columbus Day Regatta (AMX #A-199).

The words "butt ass naked" are best said by cute girls.

Toy time!


AMX is dedicated to bringing you the news of all the best Parties and most fun across the World. We find real people, having fun, to be the most spontaneous good times anyone can have. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun and different lifestyles. It makes us think of all the possibilities this world has.

Support the 1st Amendment rights that allow AMX to video tape newsworthy events, and each person's individual rights to assemble and express themselves. Freedoms depend on  tolerance and respect of others. 

Always have fun in everything U do!



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