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Chillicothe Easy Rodeo  Vol. 2-4

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Girls of the Chillicothe

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Order #A-195 Easy Rodeo Vol. 2

Order # A-196 Easy Rodeo Vol. 3

Order # A-197 Easy Rodeo Vol. 4


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Order #A-195 Easy Rodeo Vol. 2

# A-196 Easy Rodeo Vol. 3

# A-197 Easy Rodeo Vol. 4

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Don't forget that some of the girls we met at the Rodeo are featured in the Party Girls series from Naked Party. 

AMX documentaries are photojournalism of actual events and real people that are newsworthy and of public interest. Videos are taken in public places, or where the public is invited, with participants who draw attention to themselves by their expression, nudity or actions. Our intent is to promote positive change in the society by showing events of civil disobedience, free expression, differing lifestyles, and social culture. 

Our intent is not to embarrass anyone, or to portray anyone in a false manner. The truth is the most powerful force for a photojournalist to change unneeded rules and regulations against freedoms of expression.


The Rodeo!!

No cowboys here.  Only about 300 great girls showing off in front of lots and lots of people.  No time to be shy for this one!

A great combination of topless and naked girls, wild drinking, unbelievable stories, and powerful machinery.  Hard to go wrong!

Chillicothe Easy Rodeo Vol. 2

Held at the County Fairgrounds, this gathering of 30,000 marks the end of summer with a “rodeo” of fun!  Public nudity is constant during this anything goes party that goes around the clock. 

 Girls walk topless through large crowds to let everyone photograph and look.  Then, at night, there is so much action that it is hard to know where to look next.  

There is a dramatic scene to start Vol. 1 as a girl rides down the Interstate topless for over 50 miles through town and to the site.  Hard to concentrate on driving during this.

Also, see "girls on ice."  A nipply affair.

Warning: some of these girls are wild!  Really wild!

 Not rated, but adult content (nudity +), 1:50 + hrs. Order A-195.

Easy Rodeo Vol. 3

  On Labor Day in the Midwest, there is one best place to go for public nudity.  Right at the County Fair Grounds, thousands gather to watch and photograph all the girls.  

Lots of touching and teasing make this a weekend to remember.   Real people, not paid performers, doing what they love at a great party!

Everyone got drunk and got down.  Lots of girls riding golfcarts, 4 wheelers or bikes while topless just to "be seen."  Anyone could look or take pictures.  What a great world!

Not rated, but adult content (nudity +), 1:45 + hrs. 

Order A-196.

Easy Rodeo Vol. 4

The Party has reached a frenzy by this volume.    Girls walk topless through large crowds to let everyone photograph and look.  There are over 150 girls in various states of (un) dress as everyone goes wild!  

Sometimes there are too many place to look at one time.  A whole lotta shakin’ goin on!  A must see public nudity Party is fully uncovered!

At one point, there were two parades of girls riding naked on the tops of trucks as everyone ran alongside.  The girls threw all their cloths to the crowd.  What do they wear home?

This Volume may be our "oral" leader for couples in crowded spots.  Spontaneous does not describe it.

 Not rated, but adult content (nudity +), 1:59 + hrs. Order A-197. One of the new friends we made has pictures and a site!

EZ Rodeo Girl

More of What Happened!

The first night the camera ran out of batteries.  

A taper was injured by girls who were overly aggressive in their attempt to flash him.  His lens was damaged by rock-hard, erect nipples.

OK.  I made that part up, but the girls really did want to flash aggressively.

Dancing on homemade stages gave the girls in the crowd a chance to take it off in front of the crowd.  And they did!

There were even naked girls in the men's bathroom.  

All sizes and shapes.


And lots.

Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!

EZ Rodeo Girl-Girl-Girl


AMX is dedicated to bringing you the news of all the best Parties and most fun across the World. We find real people, having fun, to be the most spontaneous good times anyone can have. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun and different lifestyles. It makes us think of all the possibilities this world has.

Support the 1st Amendment rights that allow AMX to video tape newsworthy events, and each person's individual rights to assemble and express themselves. Freedoms depend on  tolerance and respect of others. 

Always have fun in everything U do!



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