Mardi Gras: Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts
  110 minutes including the previews. 

Orders # A-153, A-154, A-155, A-156 .

Greatest Party!!!

AMX documentaries are photojournalism of actual events and real people that are newsworthy and of public interest. Videos are taken in public places, or where the public is invited, with participants who draw attention to themselves by their expression, nudity or actions. Our intent is to promote positive change in the society by showing events of civil disobedience, free expression, differing lifestyles, and social culture. Our intent is not to embarrass anyone, or to portray anyone in a false manner. The truth is the most powerful force for a photojournalist to change unneeded rules and regulations against freedoms of expression.

In this video you will see the fun of beer drinking, dancing, kissing, and parties that we all want to experience or know about. It is real life with girls who say "No!" and girls who say "Yes!" Some people are more fun than others. But you will want to see what occurs as it unfolds. Real life is the most surprising of all.

Support the 1st Amendment rights that allow AMX to video tape newsworthy events, and each person's individual rights to assemble and express themselves. Freedoms depend on keeping tolerance and respect of others (see the FAQs for more on this).

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Ace of Hearts! Mardi Gras Volume 1 of 4 Great Volumes

Collect the Royal Flush including the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack of Hearts for Valentine's Day. Include the Joker, the P in Public, for the true Flush! This Party is "The Greatest."

The combination of Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras made for X rated fun. AMX's reputation brought out the girls and playful couples to show plus more sex and surprises. Flashing in large crowds, allowing everyone to touch, the naked dancers in the clubs, BJ's on the street, alleys and back to the room make Mardi Gras the Greatest of all the Parties. 

From shy first timers to daring moon shots, see the cream of 2,000 amateur girls show their booty. See why the reviews always rate AMX the best Mardi Gras video of the year, each and every year. Non-stop spontaneous sex fun.

See your wife, girl friend or neighbor introduce herself and show it! Someone from every state.

Volume 1 Ace of Hearts! includes a streak of a bar in which one of the girls "gets lost." Flashing and bush in the street. Sex in the back alley with a daring couple. A little spin the bottle game with a 18 year old (she loses, you win). Party at a local club where things get out of control and the girls "eat" each other on stage.  

Order Mardi Gras Ace #A-153 

Volume 2 King of Hearts! has strip poker, a great BJ from an off the street couple, streaking to the pizza place, and bush, bush ... A girl-girl and a touchy masturbation climax. AMX takes them back to the room.  Order #A-154.

Order Mardi Gras King #A-154 

Volume 3  Queen of Hearts! is the wild flashers and parties as late week continues. A girl-girl and lots of surprises. Also, full sex with 2 girls and one of the AMXers. On stage 2 girl dildo. In Bourbon Steet BJ. Backrooms, girl-girl, in the corners. Order #A-155.

Order Mardi Gras Queen #A-155

Volume 4 Jack of Hearts! is has only one sex scene (dripping cum) but 10,000 girls show you their .... well ..... a lot. We're going to kill you with parties and girls flashing you!! You're going to die!! See the "Playboy shooting" and the girls in the window of the office! More girl-girl on stage. Balcony flashers.  Order #A-156.

Order Mardi Gras Jack #A-156 

The most amazing part is to see girls walk right up in front of the camera and say "Are you ready?" then, show knowing they will be part of the video. Everyone wants to be a part of the fun!

Let's touch!! More flashes than minutes in every tape!! See how real people party and have fun for the camera.

AMX takes you out on the street when it is too rough for you to go. No one tries harder!

Vol. 1 110 minutes or so! Has previews. Other Volumes 110+ minutes without previews.

Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!