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Order #A-118 Naked Mile Run Vol. 1

Order #A-139 Naked Mile Run Vol. 2

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Order #A-118 Naked Mile Run Vol. 1

Order #A-139 Naked Mile Run Vol. 2

Naked Mile


Run Thru Downtown Ann Arbor!!

America's Greatest Streak!

Naked Coeds Singing Fight Song!


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Order #A-118 Naked Mile Run Vol. 1

Order #A-139 Naked Mile Run Vol. 2

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AMX documentaries are photojournalism of actual events and real people that are newsworthy and of public interest. Videos are taken in public places, or where the public is invited, with participants who draw attention to themselves by their expression, nudity or actions. Our intent is to promote positive change in the society by showing events of civil disobedience, free expression, differing lifestyles, and social culture. 

Our intent is not to embarrass anyone, or to portray anyone in a false manner. The truth is the most powerful force for a photojournalist to change unneeded rules and regulations against freedoms of expression.


Naked coeds in the greatest "streak" in America. Over 700 runners "race" through the downtown of Ann Arbor celebrating graduation and defying the rules of society.

Naked Mile Run Vol. 1

  See over 150 naked and unashamed female university students run totally naked through large crowds of cheering spectators.

See the un-costumes and feel the excitement of a naked and spontaneous streak that the police are powerless to stop. It's great fun for everyone!!! Shot totally on the streets of Michigan in 35 degree weather.


This is one of the most dramatic and exciting of all the events.  The yell as the runners start and fight songs are spine tingling!

See everything from the pre-race interviews, the strip down and the post race reports. After seeing this sport, the NFL looks pretty weak.

We don't stop there. We convince one of the students to take us back to a classroom and ask her to show a little more!

For more information on the Naked Mile, follow this link to the Naked Mile Official Page but come back to AMX when you are finished reading the history of the Mile.

Not rated by the Motion Picture Academy but adult content (nudity+) 1:35 hrs. Order  #A-118.


Order #A-139 Naked Mile Run Vol. 2

Naked Mile  Volume 2

Not much more can be said.  If you like this type of event, there is no other.

NAKED MILE RUN Vol. 2: America’s greatest streak continues as 100s of coeds run naked through downtown Ann Arbor to celebrate graduation at the U. of Michigan. Naked on the streets, the student center the libraries, and everywhere. A hostile and violent group of students need to learn to lighten up and made this year rough and tumble even by AMX street standards. 

We were not able to use our lights the way we would have liked, and so the lighting is not as good as last year. It is the best possible under the circumstances of running participants, pushing crowds and a hostile environment. Running time: 95 minutes. Order #A-139.

Not rated by the Motion Picture Academy but adult content (nudity) 1:33 hrs. Order  #A-139. 

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AMX is dedicated to bringing you the news of all the best Parties and most fun across the World. We find real people, having fun, to be the most spontaneous good times anyone can have. We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun and different lifestyles. It makes us think of all the possibilities this world has.

Support the 1st Amendment rights that allow AMX to video tape newsworthy events, and each person's individual rights to assemble and express themselves. Freedoms depend on  tolerance and respect of others. 

Always have fun in everything U do!


Nake Mile History & Story 

The Naked Mile Run occurs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the last day of classes of the University of Michigan's school year. The participants gather, take off their clothing and run! Naked through downtown Ann Arbor! A crowd of spectators gathers to cheer the participants on as they run a course of about a mile in which they detour through the student "Diag" the library and wherever the democratic pack decides to go.

Originally, the Naked Mile was a rebellion against authorities which told students what to do for their four years at college.  The Naked Mile was a form of civil disobedience that showed administration and officials that they could not stop students from doing certain activities if they were not harmful to others.

Today, the President of the University of Michigan sends letters to the students urging them not to run and making false claims about the evils of this event.  The University paper, the Michigan Daily, has even bought into the company line.  Hopefully, the tradition will survive the attempts of the administration to stop it. 

Newsflash 2002!!  The administration of the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor police have put an end to the Naked Mile Run.  

Disobedience to authority will not be tolerated!!

2001:  The Naked Mile Run occurred on  April 17, 2001, from 9 p.m. to midnight. 

2000: Approximately 400 participants according to the best sources.    Occurred on  April 14, 2000, from 9 p.m. to midnight.

1999: There were 50 participants dancing naked on the tables of the law library among studying students, and the computer lab was over run by the chants of "Geek, Geek, Get Naked Geek." The Art Museum was the scene of a mass picture as 100s bared all for the crowd of thousands. There were naked people on unicycles, bicycles, and motorcycles. Even in the restaurants and stores, the fountains, on the top of the "Cube" (very daring), and throughout the streets. People were walking, running and posing everywhere.

The police have taken the position that no serious law breaking is occurring and they monitor the route to insure the safety of the participants and to re route the traffic. After all, it is the greatest spectator event next to the University of Michigan football team. To date no one has ever been arrested or detained for their participation in the Mile.

Why is there a Naked Mile Run? First, because it is fun to do. Second, it is a chance to break the rules of society and be a little bit naughty in a true innocent way. What better way to express the frustrations of a year of study and final exams than by defying one of the most prominent rules of society as the police, and everyone else watch. In your face!!

Statistics: According to police estimates, as reported in the Michigan Daily, there were approximately 700-800 runners in the Mile and between 7,000 and 10,000 spectators. At times, the two crossed as many spectators decided at the last moment to become participants. There were the runners, but also, bicycles, roller skaters and plenty of walkers. The course was not confined to the "main pack" but included may naked strollers throughout the downtown area. Many participants just failed to get dressed at the end of their runs or were posing for pictures and talking with friends long after the race end. Usually, the only reason to get dressed were the cold temperatures.

Pictures: Surprisingly, very few good quality pictures came out of the event (at least ones known to this site). Maybe, it was the lighting or the excitement of it all. If you have any pictures or know of any, please contact the "Great Flasher" who would love to see them, I mean, share them on this site.


Police threats result in smaller turnout at U. Michigan's Naked Mile

By David Enders
Michigan Daily
U. Michigan

(U-WIRE) ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- They sang "Hail to the Victors" as they reached the Cube sculpture in Regents' Plaza. They encouraged the crowd to make noise. One rode a unicycle. Another was in a wheelchair.

And none of them were wearing clothes.

Estimates are that no more than 400 people participated in this year's Naked Mile - down from last year's number of between 400 to 800 - but they did not lack enthusiasm. The 14-year-old run that celebrates the end of winter classes drew a crowd of about 10,000 spectators, similar in size to last year's.

"The number of runners was down dramatically," said Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Diane Brown.

That could be because the Ann Arbor Police Department made good on a threat to arrest runners this year for indecent exposure - something they have never done in the past.

In a written statement, the AAPD said their officers made four arrests - three for indecent exposure and one for malicious destruction. There were also a "number of potential participants" who cooperated when officers told them not to disrobe, according to the statement.

Brown said DPS officers made 10 arrests for "various alcohol violations" and one for a concealed handgun. But officers said the crowd was more subdued than it has been in past years, despite its size.

"It's bigger," said DPS Lieutenant Joe Piersante as he stood near the cube in Regents' Plaza. "It's Friday night, nice weather, but for the most part, (the crowd's) pretty good."

The runners started around 11 p.m. - later than usual. Security volunteers said the later start was possibly due to traffic on South University Street. But drivers were forced to find an alternate route when safety volunteers took it upon themselves to block traffic.

"If we don't stop cars from going through, someone's going to get hurt," said Bill Wahl, a third-year Engineering student as he stood in the middle of South University Avenue near Church Street. Traffic was also stopped on South State Street, where the run's route crosses the street in front of the Michigan Union.

Other safety concerns, particularly the groping of female runners, seemed to be eased by this year's Naked Mile. There appeared to be a smaller percentage of women in the run this year, and DPS received no reports of sexual misconduct.

"A number of people going by said 'No one touched me,'" Brown said.

The women that did run said they took precautions against both groping and persons filming the event, which has become a major concern over the last few years.

"The students that were on either side made it totally safe," said one senior girl. "I'm disappointed that more people didn't run. I squirted the cameras and people cheered."

Another senior girl ran with two of her best male friends on either side.

"One person slapped my ass," she said. "But I felt safe for the most part."

Despite the crowd, the event had an overwhelming sense of jubilation to it, contradicting the debate that has surrounded the run's safety and the manner in which laws would be enforced.

"I feel great," said Engineering senior Damon Brunson immediately before turning cartwheels in front of the crowd on the lawn in front of Angell Hall. "Invigorated and liberated. But I need some clothes."

"I think its all done in good spirit," said a California man who was visiting campus with his son, a prospective freshman. "I saw all these people. Only when I got here I saw people running butt naked."

Others agreed that the run is a more harmless tradition than some say.

"I would hope (the police) have got better things to do than arresting students," said a 1958 University alum and Ann Arbor resident. " If anyone here was going to be offended they'd go someplace else. We do have real crime problems in Ann Arbor, and this isn't one of them."

(C) 2000 Michigan Daily via U-WIRE

"Bowl of Sugar" 

Order the "Bowl of Sugar" 

Order #A-206 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 2

Order #A-207 Bowl of Sugar Vol. 3

More Information:

Bowl of Sugar Title Page

The Gators of Florida met the Hurricanes of Miami in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, but the game was no match for the fun at night.

  The college girls squared off on the balconies and in the streets to prove which school would show most spirit and unbuttoned enthusiasm in a public nudity countdown to kickoff! 

  Both the innocent, and the daring girls, of the Sugar Bowl let it all out by game time.

Columbus Day Regatta 

Order the Columbus Day Regatta: 

Order #A-198 Columbus Day Regatta Vol. 1

More Information:

Columbus Day Regatta Title Page

Time for a boating race!  This may have started as a competitive event, but it is now paced for pleasure.  

1,000s of boats gather off of Elliot Key and race to the suntan oil and the bar for a drink.  If Columbus had discovered this Party, he would have stayed!

As Wild As It Gets! 

Order the "As Wild As It Gets!"

Order #A-234 "As Wild As It Gets" Volume 1

Order #A-235 "As Wild As It Gets" Volume 2


More Information:

As Wild As It Gets! Information Page


As the "parade" moves around the loop, lots of wild behavior occurred,  Girl-girl oral, boy-girl oral and public sex in front of everyone.  Plus, lots of show off posing with legs open and large smiles!

Cillicothe Fair

Order from "Fair" Series:  

Order #A-228 Chillicothe Fair Volume 1

Order #A-229 Chillicothe Fair Volume 2


More Information:

"Fair" Title Page

This end of summer blowout, features full public nudity
as 100s of first timer show their bodies.

It is a combination of the college age girls from the area, some dancers who want to get really wild and the wildest of the biker girls.  The mixture is fascination as lots of first timers end up showing when they never expected to.  And, then, it gets really wild!


"Easy Rodeo"

Order from "EZ" Series:  

Order #A-195 Easy Rodeo Vol. 2

# A-196 Easy Rodeo Vol. 3

# A-197 Easy Rodeo Vol. 4

Easy Rodeo #A-168

More Information:

"EZ" Title Page

Some girls make the decision to stroll topless through the public area for the day or the weekend.  Others are gradually talked into joining this party that gets more sexual by the day. 

And at night, the touching and feeling get started.  Girls with girls and lots of oral, fingers and more!

Naked Mile Run!

Order from "Naked Mile" Event Series: 

Order this Video #A-118 Naked Mile Run Vol. 1

Order #A-139 Naked Mile Run Vol. 2

More Information:

Naked Mile 1 Title Page

Naked Mile 2 Title Page

Naked coeds in the greatest "streak" in America. Over 700 runners "race" through the downtown of Ann Arbor celebrating graduation and defying the rules of society.

 See over 150 naked and unashamed female university students run totally naked through large crowds of cheering spectators.

Sugar Bowl & New Years "2000"

Order from "2000" Series: 

Order  Sugar Bowl  Vol. 1 #A-179

Order  New Year 2000 Vol. 1 #A-177

Order New Year 2000 Vol. 2 #A-178


More Information:

"New Years" Title Page

"Bowl of Sugar" Title Page


Maybe there was a football game, but the fans were deciding who the best partiers were long before and after kickoff.  


No one made the resolution to keep their shirts down or their pants up, and that made a great start to the year.  

It was high paced flashing and fun prior to the ringing in, but afterwards it all broke loose.  

Naked Ski Day "Snow Angels"

Order from "Naked Ski" Series: 

Order #A-140 Naked Snow Angels Vol. 2

Order Video #A-117 Naked Ski Day


More Information:

Naked Ski "Snow Angels" Vol. 2 #A-139

Naked Ski Day Vol. 1 #A-117

Double Black Diamond!! Great snow, great skiing and great women. It was a titty bit nipply for the naked snow angels in the Rockies. 

This year 100s skied naked to the lodges, the lift lines, and through the crowd. 

Enjoy the chills and thrills of one of AMX’s best party videos as we see more flesh in the sun plus all of the festivities.  Don’t miss this one!

Girls of the Indy 500

Order from "Indy 5" Series: 

Order #A-162 Indy 500 Vol. 1

Order #A-187 Indy 500 Vol. 2

More Information:

Indy 500 Vol. 1 #A-162

Indy 500 Vol. 2 #A-187

Gentlemen, start your engines! One of the best Parties ever was the one at the Track. They even had a car race at the same time. 

Thanks to Horny Harold, who was the pioneer of the public nudity videos, you have the chance to see the unabashed fun, nudity and sex from the beginning.

Albedo Naked on the High Seas

Order from "Seas" Series: 

Order Albedo #B-16 Naked On the High Seas Volume 2

Order Albedo #B-12 Naked On the High Seas Volume 1

More Information:

Preview Albedo #B-16 Naked On the High Seas Volume 2

Preview Albedo #B-12 Naked On the High Seas Volume 1


One weekend every October, hundreds of boats convene in a sheltered bay. One of the greatest NUDE parties takes place! The nudity is LEGAL, so the police can't stop it! Albedo brought along a gorgeous blonde from California, who turned out to be the best party girl ever! But let us not forget the rest of the NUDE and TOPLESS partiers! 




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