Mardi Gras Vol 1-4: "Crazy";
Rated XX, 120 minutes; 

Order #A-132, 133, 134, 135

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Mardi Gras XX rated


Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!



Four Volumes of X rated Mardi Gras!

AMX "captures the tawdry spirit of Bourbon Street better than any party tape currently available on the subject." Adult Video News; Why? Because of college girls flashing, balcony moon shots, and especially the BJs and sex in the back streets. Amateur girls by the thousands for a once in a lifetime party! Come join in as we take you to the parking garages and though the hotel and back onto the street as only AMX can. Non-stop spontaneous sex fun.

This year was even better than last. More sex on the street and back at the room, plus the daring places we have become known for. And as always, you will be surprised by what goes on at Party Central.

Especially hot is a sex on the stairway scene and what the AMX crew get totally "blown" away by a party favorite. And watch the girls up on the shoulders get felt up and grabbed. Do they love it?

Volume 1 contains the two couples who eat each other raw at the bar in front of a huge crowd, the best flashers and balcony shots, lots of bush and fun! Also, lots of first timers spurred on by a DJ at one of the clubs to their 1st show. One of the best couples we ever met goes wild down by the river, and more ... Order #A-132; 100 minutes plus previews for 120 minutes total.

Order Mardi Gras Crazy #A-132 

Volume 2 contains some of the dark side of Mardi Gras with more back alleys and nasty BJs that were captured on the side streets. Lots of rough sex, p in the street, and grab and feel. Lots of girls who walk right up in front of the camera and then show it! As many "feel ups" as Vol. 3. A stairway scene at the hotel with a party favorite. Order #A-133; 110 minutes;

Order Mardi Gras Crazy #A-133


Volume 3 is a fast paced one with sex in the stairways, in the bars, parking garages and more! Included is the nude streak of a Bourbon Street bar by a girl who came through the door naked, went out to the dining area, up the stairs and out. Amazing! Also, some more surprises and a wet t shirt contest that gets wild even by Mardi Gras standards. Lots of amazing street action with girls agreeing to be felt up by the crowd. Order #A-134; 120 minutes;

Order Mardi Gras Crazy #A-134

Volume 4 has tons of the flashers and crazies plus a foursome in the parking garage. So many great girls that you will think every girl next door wants to pull her clothes off for the camera. They might! Order #A-135; 120 minutes;

Order Mardi Gras Crazy #A-135


This is the most sex scenes we have ever seen at Mardi Gras. Couples eating each other on stage at a bar, sex on the stairways, BJ on the street and in the bars, the parking garage. We even saw sex back at the room! For AMX that's unusual!