FLASHING IN PUBLIC Vol. 2          #A-129
           1:12 hrs

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Convenience Store with Bottle

Kinko's Copy Shop

Downtown in the Wind!!!


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WE'RE BACK. Everyone says this is the most daring flashing series ever video taped. What will we do after the famous W-Mart scene in Vol. 1? Well...


See a girl standing on a table completely naked in the middle of that golden arches place, or a kinky, naked run through the copy shop. How about asking for change while naked at the convenience store or doing laundry naked? Lot's of reactions. 

Have you ever made a phone call on a busy street while naked? Taken you clothes off in the hotel lobby? OK, how about filled up the car topless? More waving to cars on the Interstate. You asked for risky situations where the models were actually seen by passersby. 

Not yet enough? How about going to the laundry, taking off all your clothes, putting them in the washer, then going to the desk for change? Yes, as lots of other people are in the laundry. What do you do then? Well, read the messages on the board and talk to other customers while you wait for your laundry!

What about going to the minor league baseball stadium and sunbathing in front of home plate after leaving your clothes in the dugout. Yes, we got caught.

The wind may blow up your skirt downtown as police cars drive by and who knows?

This volume is light X rated.

O.K. Lots of fun in the AMX style. 60 min + previews. Order #A-129.



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