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P in Public Vols 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 

Freaky Street Girls Vol. 1

Pee in Public Volume 1 is the only tape we know with candid peeing caught in back alleys. 

Freaky Street Girls is the most bizarre video ever shot.

The P in Public series is the shot of girls urinating in public.

Gotta Go Right Now!


AMX Pee in Public!!

Flowing in Public!

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Order  P in Public #A-227 Vol. 5

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Order #166 Freaky Street

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Order  P in Public #A-116 Vol. 1 (discontinued)

Naked in Public Videos 

Beauty Has to Go!!!

On the Street!!!

3 Some!!!

Couldn't Wait!!!

Alley Way at Mardi Gras! V1

In the Rocks!!

Hotel Stairway had to be Cleaned

! V3

Girls of Freak Street

Girls of Freak Street


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Order  P in Public #A-227 Vol. 5

Order P in Public #167 Vol. 4

Order #166 Freaky Street

Order P in Public #158 Vol. 3

Order P in Public #137 Vol. 2

Order  P in Public #A-116 Vol. 1


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 P in Public?

 Sometimes you just have to go!  

"P in Public" Vol. 5

   See girls relieve themselves in both public and private places that you will not believe.

In the middle of the University campus, by the Freeway, in the park, while sailing, or in parking lots.  And these are great looking girls who laugh while doing it.  Or even say "guilty" when the camera catches them during a private moment. 

See off the balcony, under the table in public, and "oh my God!"

20 scenes and 16 different girls. 

Not rated but adult content (nudity+) 1:00+  hrs. Order  #A-227.

"P in Public" Vol. 4

Oh my god!!!!

Another of our "specialty" classics as amateur models relieve themselves at various locations. This volume is all new footage of "in public" pees plus a collection of hotel and bathroom shooters. Lots of close up action as girls try to ----.

Can't wait to go? The camera is on as this bevy of beauties says "right here?" Features include the incredible Jennifer, from Mardi Gras Hearts, in the sink of the men's bathroom. And our 1st simultaneous two girls at once go. Plus, the P bucket in the hallway of the hotel. And introducing a new knockout that will warm her bladder as she goes. The series continues. 

Rated as messy and containing nudity; 

Girls just do it! Great looking girls with their pants down in compromising positions.

Appx. 14+ scenes.

Rated messy; 49+ minutes; . Order  #A-167.

 "P in Public" Vol. 3

In the gutter & elsewhere!!!!

 This volume is all new footage of candid alley shots plus daring, "in public" pees. Lots of close up action as girls try to ----. Great looking girls with their pants down in compromising positions.

Has some "candid" footage shot at Pirate's Alley and another location, as well has Pee by the freeway, in the park, in the alley, in the apartment lot, and more!  All are unusual scenes.

 Part of the footage was taken at Mardi Gras on the street. Other parts were taken during the flashing series or at other locations.  Part of the footage is "candid" and part is not.

Appx. 16 girls.

Rated messy; 46+ minutes; Order #A-158.

"P in Public" Vol. 2

Unlike Vol. 1, these are models who don't mind being photographed "in the act." In fact, they kind of like it. Over 20 scenes and 13 girls including the "close in" action. 

Shot in parking lots, department stores, the middle of city streets, airports, at businesses, on boats and other daring locations! This is partly a flashing in public video together with lots of "gotta go" scenes. People in the background and watching those who just can't wait. 

Some of the places include an airport runway parking lot, a wild one in an apartment parking lot together with a naked run, a famous hotel including the side steps as the maids watch, a Mardi Gras back alley scene that will surprise you twice, and lots of close in looks. 

Think how difficult some of these scenes are to do and photograph.

Two X rated p scenes included. 54 minutes. Rated X. 

Order #A-137.

 "P in Public" Vol. 1

Discontinued after the most amazing run in AMX history.

P In Public Places This extremely rare footage of girls who are relieving themselves in back alleys or other public spots. They are "caught in the act" and did not know anyone was watching or filming. 

Their candid reactions to being caught with their pants down is what you will want to see. 

This video has approximately 20 girls and is for the serious collector only. We do not know of any other tape that is un-staged of this many real life amateurs. 

" When you gotta go, you gotta go!!" 

 45+ minutes; Un-rated but messy. Order #A-116.

Alley Way at Mardi Gras! V1



 "Perhaps, the strangest of the AMX collection of videos!" Everyone who sees it.

"I put a spell on you, because you're mine!" CCR.

This footage resulted from one of our tapers having nothing to do. Out of boredom, he started asking girls in a downtown area to flash him. As they said no, he became more bold and started to ask for the impossible. Girls started to listen. So he asked for even more.

None of the girls knew that they would end up naked that day. But they did. And when they were asked to do outrageous scenes, they did them. Some look like "what am I doing?" Others say "this is the craziest thing I've ever done." But ... results are everything. Soon tourists took their clothes off in very public places and while others watched. Then ...

You will wonder why they did it. You will try not to watch. You will be disgusted at times. But you won't be able to stop watching. You will even re-watch and wonder why you did it. Compelling video.

"This one became outrageous!" AMX taper.

We went downtown and asked every girl we met to strip naked and pee right on the street: on corners, at parks, in alleys, in phone booths and on overpasses. Many said "no way" but over 20 did it. These girls are not models but are "off the street" tourists, students, druggies, hookers, street girls, or whoever could be coaxed into this outrageous stunt. Some were embarrassed and asked us not to show their faces, some let everyone watch, some took off everything in front of everyone and squatted. Maybe girls don't mind being naked and peeing on the street while others are around. Only AMX has the guts to get this truly amazing footage. Not rated, but full nudity and amazing; 1:25 hrs.; Order #A-166.

Scenes include:

1. Girl in park as helicopter nearly crashes during landing;

2. Between the yellow lines of the overpass in downtown. With traffic.

3. Between two 20 story office buildings as cars drive by.

4. In a phone booth as cars drive by.

5. Overlooking the harbor and lovers on the shore.

6. As a moving train rumbles by.

7. Off of a flatbed as workers wonder "what the ..?"

Un-rated but containing nudity; 1:29 hrs.; Order #A-166.

Customer statement: "I don't normally like this type of subject matter, but this video is your best work ever."

Customer statement: "This is disgusting.  When is Vol. 2?"

This video is different than some of our Public Nudity videos, but is fascinating.

The Action!

Running continuously!

Editors Note

Please read the descriptions carefully!  "Candid" means that the act was occurring when the cameraman came upon it (usually in an alleyway or at the beach).  "Candid scenes" are often in poor lighting situations or may be "rough and tumble" style of shooting because they occur unexpectedly.

 Portions of each video contain scenes that were shot at the suggestion of the cameramen by participants at public events.  Other scenes are by girls that were part of our Flashing In Public or Naked in Public series.   

Please do not e-mail us with questions concerning the videos that have the most "candid" footage.  AMX does not classify footage in this way or keep a log book of the amounts.  There is some candid footage in Vol. 2-4.  Vol. 1 is a rare collectors item in that it is primarily footage of this type.  "Freaky Street" is so unusual that it is difficult to classify the footage.

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More Titles From AMX!

The Antique Store 

Order "Antique" 

Order #A-108  Antique Store

More Information:

#A-108  Antique Store


This is the most off beat X rated film you will ever see. It starts with a girl streaking through the large antique store while customers are shopping. But what happens next is the amazing part. You won't believe it as other customers not only watch, but join in and things go completely out of control. Everyone stands and watches. You wanted something different... this is it.

Public Sex


Order #A-233 Sex In Public 2

Order #A-169 Sex In Public

More Information:

#A-169 & #A-233 Sex In Public 1 & 2

Arizona State Administration Building

Sex in Public

The Sex in Public series features sex in daring places.  Nothing is faked, and the "stars" are real life amateurs who want to do something more risky and you might believe.

Some don't know what they are about to get into!

Pregnant Party

Order "Pregnant Party" 

Order #A-109 Pregnant Party

More Information:

#A-109 Pregnant Party


She is 18 year old, and 8 months, and 3 1/2 weeks pregnant. Plus she is a "true amateur" who has never been in front of the camera.  She does an interview warm-up and shows me a major large belly. 

The next day, her and a boyfriend invaded a hotel and she goes naked through the hallway, and shipping dock. Then he is so hot, he does her in the conference room. Really!!! 

Flashing In Public  

Order the "Flashing In Public" Series:

Order  Video Flashing #A-101 Volume 1

Order Video Flashing #A-129 Volume 2

Order Video Flashing #A-130 Volume 3

Order Video Flashing #A-146 Volume 4*

Order Video Flashing #A-147 Volume 5*

Order Video Flashing #A-175 Volume 6*









Walmart to Kinkos to Crowded Bars to Macs on the Interstate or in Mile Hi Stadium to Who knows.  High risk situations with many people present.  The best flashing series in history.

More Information:

Video Flashing #A-101 Volume 1

Video Flashing #A-129 Volume 2

Video Flashing #A-130 Volume 3

Video Flashing #A-146 Volume 4*

Video Flashing #A-147 Volume 5*

Video Flashing #A-175 Volume 6*

Colorado Naked Ski Day "Snow Angels"

Order from "Naked Ski" Series: 

Order #A-140 Naked Snow Angels Vol. 2

Order Video #A-117 Naked Ski Day


More Information:

Naked Ski "Snow Angels" Vol. 2 #A-139

Naked Ski Day Vol. 1 #A-117

Double Black Diamond!! Great snow, great skiing and great women. It was a titty bit nipply for the naked snow angels in the Rockies. 

This year 100s skied naked to the lodges, the lift lines, and through the crowd. 

Enjoy the chills and thrills of one of AMX’s best party videos as we see more flesh in the sun plus all of the festivities.  Don’t miss this one!


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Raw Sex at Mardi Gras Vol. 1-5

Albedo Mardi Gras, Carnival Time, and More!

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