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The Nude America Contest
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They threw a contest and we came to see the best showgirls and X-rated actresses strut their stuff on stage for the awards of Miss Nude America. But, as usual, our cameras found the amateurs in the crowd to be as entertaining as the show. They flashed, and groped, and spread wide for the lens. It was hard to remember to look at the best looking women in the world on stage. Fortunately, we had two cameras and covered it all.

Volume One has over an hour of amateur crowd footage, including the wild amateur contest. We followed two of the contestants in the am contest to the parking lot and to their tents for some X-rated action which no other tape has. Also, on Volume One is the best of the professional dancers.

Volume Two contains the professionals showing it all. Some great splits by girls that make Miss America look a little horsy. If you want to be close up to the stars, this tape is for you. Features the best showgirls in the biz.

Volume 1: A combination of the showgirls and the crowd. Focuses on the girls in the crowd and their being persuaded to show a little more than they ever thought they would. Spontaneous fun from real life amateurs. Contains X rated scenes and the famous amateur wet t contest that goes a little farther than you expect.. This is four stars.

Volume 2: The showgirls of the contest strutting and spreading. If you want the best looking women anywhere, showing it all, this tape is for you.

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