Public Nudity in Society  

Our purpose is both to document, as journalists, and to entertain. Under the rights of the First Amendment, AMX believes that the public has the right to view and the participants have the right to express themselves freely. Civil disobedience and events that we cover are newsworthy and important in changing society. As such, we consider our videos to be photo journalism in the truest meaning of the phrase. It is our belief that public nudity should not be against the law, and we intend to promote change in the public perception and laws concerning this issue.

Perhaps, even more importantly, each individual should have the right to express themselves in any manner that they feel fit so long as no one if harmed by their actions. Nudity is a form of self expression that does not harm others. Many people, in fact, were born naked. Hopefully, lawmakers will see that nudity is a natural and important part of part of many individual's lives.

Hopefully, there will come a time when people are free to go to the beach and wear what they choose and not what a puritan upbringing chose for them. Clothing will not be the measure of a person. And all of us will have this, and more, freedoms to express ourselves.



Why is freedom of the Press Important?

Freedom of ideas are the way a society grows, evolves and changes. Videos that show different lifestyles, different people and different places are a chance of the individual to see where he or she fits in or to see what occurs in different situations. The lessons may be tolerance, or acceptance. Hopefully, understanding and imagination will be increased.





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