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Questions About Policies

1.  Pricing and Discounts 1.  Privacy Policy?
2.  How long to Ship my  Order? 2.  Secure Ordering Online? Security Policy?
3.  Is the Shipping Discrete? 3.  Formats Offered?  DVD?  PAL? CD ROM? SECAM, High 8?

4.  Mail Orders? Mail Order Form?  How to figure Pricing

4.  Replacement Policy For Defectives? Defective Policy
5.  International?  All Info 5.  Video Quality information
6.  Shipping Options 6.  Reputation of Company
7.  Order Confirmation 7.  Statement of Purpose

8.  Payment Options: Cash?    Check? Credit Cards?

8.  Mailing List?  Will my name be sold?
9.  Phone Service Hours? 9.  Copyright Information
10.  Mailing Address? 10.  Fun Policy
11.  Contact AMX Departments 11.  Sales to Distributors

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Girls really Amateurs?
How may I be in a videos?
I know a location you should videotape
I have video that I want to submit
Are the videos X rated?
Does AMX license to Girls Gone Wild?
Are public nudity videos legal?
Can you edit my home videos for me?
What videos do you recommend as best?
What videos are scheduled for release next?


How long to ship my order ... ?

Generally, orders ship within two business days of the receipt of the order (we try for next day).    UPS takes 3 to 5 days depending on your location.  Priority mail takes 2 to 4 days depending on the distance from Colorado to your mail box.

Mail orders take longer especially if the payment is by check (we hold checks 14 days from the deposit date).  

International Orders, of course, depend on the Country.  UPS International shipping your order ships within 2 days.  International UPS orders usually arrive in 2 to 4 days, but can take up to 1 week.  AMX has discontinued shipping US Postal Service for International deliveries.

AMX Mail requests that customers wait 7 business days before calling to check on shipping status. 


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Manner of shipping.. ?

Orders are shipped U.S. Priority Mail the next business day after your order is received. The cost for shipping and handling is $9 for one and $1 per extra video. Orders are shipped in a discrete package, usually a UPS video box with the return label "Action Matrix Duplication" and a street address.

International orders are shipped United Parcel Service Air Mail and the cost is $50.00.  Mexico and Canada are fairly inexpensive to ship, so we only charge $15 for shipping and handling.

Shipments made by US Priority mail are delivered to P.O. Box addresses.  Shipments made by UPS require a phone number for delivery.
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Discrete billing and Shipping   ? PRIVACY POLICY

Videos are shipped in cardboard boxes or a U.S. Priority Mail video box depending on size and shipping method. The return address is "Action Matrix Duplication" and a street address. Billing information on the credit card is "AMX Productions" and "719-633-2223" rather than an "800" number. We do everything humanly possible to insure that no one is able to invade your privacy. 

The only information that we collect is to enable us to deliver and bill your product to you.  In fact, we state on our main page "your information will never be sold" to another company.  We mean it!  Your privacy is important!

Shipment made by US Priority mail are delivered to P.O. Box addresses.  Shipment made by UPS or Federal Express require a phone number for delivery.  

For the Specifics of the legal agreement, see Privacy Policy Legal Agreement. 

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Secured Server protects my information ... ? SECURITY POLICY

A Secured Server is one that prevents access to your credit card by "coding" the transmission. Even AMX cannot gain access to your credit card number which is processed directly by Authorize Net using the Linkpoint system.   It is the most secure system available on the Net today. 

Verisign, the most trusted name in security certificates, issues the security certificate for our system and for AMX.  They run a complete background check on the business to make sure you are protected.  

The Shopping Cart is administered by PDG Software.  This particular Cart is provides additional security through several enhancements.

AMX does not store any customer information in any online data base or server system.  As such, it is impossible to "hack" to receive information from AMX.

All information given to AMX is for use only in getting the order to you.  AMX does everything possible to keep your information private. If you have never purchased on line before, this is the best system that exists in today's market for vendors.  Give it a try!

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Order or shipping confirmation ... ?

Order Confirmation: Did my Order Go Through? 

 If your internet order was successful, you will receive a "confirmation of order" sent back by auto-responder, immediately, through the e mail server. It will contain a "time and date stamp" plus the order number. These will help us if you have a problem. 

UPS Tracking Number? 

UPS provides a tracking number for orders by their "Quantum Notification" system that allows customers to go to their website to see the progress of packages.  If you provide you e-mail, you will be notified of the tracking number. 

US Postal sends a delivery confirmation if you provide your e-mail with your order.

Do not delete your email copy of the order until you have received it. If you did not receive this confirmation, the order did not go through. Try again, call, or email information to amx at .


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Pricing for Video Orders.. ? Discounting?

All videos are $29.95. We do not discount for multiple orders. Our philosophy has been to price all products fairly and not to start at higher prices and make separate deals with each person. Everyone receives a good and fair value.

Shipping and Handling is $9 per order plus $1 per video.  This fee provides for postage, customer service and shipping by AMX Mail.   International Shipping and Handling is $50/order not per video.  UPS shipping is $15 per order, UPS International is $50 per order and Express shipping is $40 per order.

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Shipping Options / UPS / Next Day / Fed Ex.. ?

AMX Mail ships by US Mail, UPS, or Fed Ex. 

We ship to PO Boxes with U.S. Priority Mail only.

If you must have your order even quicker, we offer Express Shipping.  We ship Express orders either “Express Mail” through the US Postal Service or “UPS Next Day”.  “Express Mail” can take 2 days for delivery “UPS Next Day” takes one day.  We try to ship Express orders “UPS Next Day”, but if UPS has already gone for the day we will ship your order “Express Mail”.  The cost is high: $40 for 1-4 videos and $50 for 5-8 videos. We do not encourage this option (because we are so fast normally).

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International Orders ?

International Orders  

Due to issues of fraud, AMX has been forced to suspend shipments for international orders.  We are sorry to all the customers that are effected by this change.

UPS International shipping your order ships within 2 days.  International UPS orders usually arrive in 2 to 4 days, but can take up to 1 week.  The cost for International Shipping is $50 per order.

 Our non "800" number is 719-633-2223. 

At present, we do not have PAL or SECAM format.  We do not have DVD or CD ROM options at this time.

On the Order form: The State field is not required if you are outside the US. In this event, please select your country in the country selection under Billing Address.

Mail Order form

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Mail Orders & Payments without a credit card ?

AMX Mail, 1607 Ridgeway Ave., Co. Spgs., CO 80906

Mail Order form

Please sign and complete DOB. Mail or fax to 1-719-633-8711.

AMX accepts: Visa, Master Card or American Express but not Discover card.  Bank Checks, Money Orders, Personal Checks, Wire Transfers and Cash are accepted.

Cash is processed. However, it is sent through the mails at your risk.

Money orders, credit card orders, bank drafts are processed and shipped the same day of receipt.

Personal checks are now held for 14 days. Sorry for the delay but a bad customer forced this policy.

Wire transfers must be arranged by phone 888-269-5454.

How To Figure the Amount: Price is figured as follows:  $29.95 times the number of videos ordered, plus shipping and handling of $9 plus $1 per extra video (international $50).  

Service By AMX Mail / phone hrs. # fax ... ?

 Phone/ Business Hours: We are, generally, available Monday through Friday except during event videotaping such as Mardi Gras, etc.  Hours are during Mountain Standard Time (MST is 2 hours earlier than EST).  All calls are returned discretely to the person leaving the message. If we do not call back, please call us again.

888-269-5454     719-633-2223         fax 719-633-8411             sales at

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Defective tapes / Replacement Policy.. ?

We are sorry for any defect but machine wear and human error sometimes cause defects to occur.

Our tapes rarely have defects because they are professionally duplicated using the best equipment available including quality checkers. They are computer enhanced and edited assuring the highest quality. Our duplication department quality checks a portion of each tape to try and eliminate errors.

Returns for defective video have been less than 00.8% at the time of this writing. But ... we hate this ... they do occur.

If you receive a defective tape that is purchased from us, we will replace it.  Please mail it to us so that we can see the defect, get the machine tape number and can yell at the quality checker that screwed up. 

For mailing the video back,  you will receive free mailing on your next order and the satisfaction of helping us improve our service.  You replacement tape will be mailed the day we receive your defective back.

Returns to:  (Please leave the tape rewound to the problem and include a note as to the problem and your shipping address).  AMX Mail,  1607 Ridgeway Ave, Co. Spgs., CO 80906.

The reason to have you return the defective video, is to determine if: (1) a particular duplication machine is having problems; (2) if the blank tape was bad to start with or  (3) if human error occurred. 

 This quality assurance program improves our future performance.


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Mail List, E-Mail List Policies ... ?

Our Mailing List will not be sold to any other company or vendor.  Periodically, both mailings and e-mailings of new titles or important announcements will be sent to persons that have requested information or purchased products from AMX.  

In the event that you do not wish to receive announcements, please e-mail updates at and request that your information be taken off of our list.  AMX updates the list and will gladly take your information off the list.  


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Fun Policy ... ?

AMX always has more fun than any other company.

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Affiliates Program to sell AMX on the Internet ... ?

Not at present.

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Distributors or Retail Stores ... ?

AMX releases some titles to distributors while retaining some titles for mail order. We do not have plans to release all titles to distributors. If you are a distributor, please call us to discuss which titles are available.

Retail stores may receive direct sales and should contact a sales person at 888-269-5454 .

Pricing is based on the quantity of videos ordered.

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Recommended as "Best" Videos ?

What are the best Selling videos? The best sellers are: Mardi Gras "eXplosive" & "Maximum Xposure" the entire series #A-208-11 & #A-180-3; Flashing In Public Vol. 4 & 5 #A-146-7; Naked Mile Run Vol. 1 #A-118; Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 1-4; Naked People in Chillicothe A-247-8; Fantasy Fest "Key to Bush" Vol. 3 & 4; #A-169 & #233 "Sex In Public;"  #188 and 189 Lake Havasu "Just Add Water;" #A-234, "As Wild As It Gets;"

2. What are the best Selling videos containing "hardcore" sex by amateurs? Mardi Gras "Hearts" Vol. 1-4 #A-153-6; Lake Havasu Vol. 2 #A-103; Fantasy Fest Key to Bush Vol 4 #A-150; Mardi Gras "Wild 1" #A-112-3;  Sex In Public #A-169; Mardi Gras "Maximum Exposure" Vol. 1-4; Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 4, #A-216; #A-208-11: Mardi Gras "eXplovive" Vol. 1-4, #A-234, "As Wild As It Gets;".

3. What do you recommend as a first purchase?  Depending on budget:  at least one of Mardi Gras "eXplosive" Vol. 1-4 #A-209-11; Spring Break "Naked" Vol. 2, #214;  a great party video: Fantasy Fest Key to Bush Vol. 3 #A-149; an off beat classic: Naked Skiing Vol. 2 #A-140; #A-188 Lake Havasu "Just Add Water" Vol. 12; Naked Mile Run A-118;

4. What are the videos containing "p" scenes? Freaky Street Girls #A-166 is all flashing and P (truly unbelievable); Mardi Gras "Crazy" Vol. 2 #A-133; Europe's Beaches #A-106; Fantasy Fest Key to Bush Vol 3 #A-149; Mardi Gras "Wild 1" #A-113; Flashing In Public Vol. 1 #A-101; Girls of Bike Week Vol. 2 #A-122; P in Public Vol. 1-5.

5.  What is the most overlooked title?  #A-168 and #A-195-7 Easy Rodeo are terrific but unknown.  #A-149-50 Key To Bush is one of the best ever.  #A-140 Naked Snow Angels is a tape with actual skiing footage and 180 turns by the camera man plus girls in a most unusual setting.

6.  What is the most bizarre tape?  #166 Freaky Street is the most amazing tape AMX has shot.  #A-165 and #A-191 Over the Rainbow are truly different.




Video Format Options ... ?

AMX Videos are in VHS.  We do not offer a DVD or CD ROM option at this time.

Presently, we do not offer any other formats such as PAL, SECAM, VHC, High-8, SVHS or DVD.

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Amateur Models In Videos ... ?

Many people ask us if the models are paid. Most models are true amateurs and are not paid for the videos. Some models are paid expenses or a small amount if they are in a sex scene. AMX attempts to work with "true amateur" models whenever possible. We have found that this approach gives true spontaneous fun to our videos.

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May I be In a Video ... ?

AMX is always looking for persons that would like to submit or be in a video. Especially, couples and females, please e-mail or call us. 

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I know a great location.  Who do I call ... ?

888-269-5454 or flash at 

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I have great footage and want to submit to AMX ... ?

We love new footage.  Please contact flash at regarding what it is any the best way to get it.  Or call the office 888-269-5454.

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Legality of Public Nudity Videos ... ?

What persons do in a public place, or where the public is invited to be present, is not protected by any right of privacy or expectation of privacy. This is especially true if the person is attracting attention to themselves by nudity or other expression.  AMX believes that all persons have the right to express themselves in this manner and make any statement in public they choose. 

AMX does not use hidden cameras and openly displays cameras in any shootings. We always try to document what occurs accurately and without intent to harm anyone. 

Case law and legal opinions support the position that a person who is attracting attention to themselves while in a public place may be photographed.   Examples include both surveillance cameras and  news shows such as 60 Minutes that use hidden cameras and "surprise attack" interviews.  Certainly, the display nudity in public is newsworthy and of public interest.

"Newsworthy" is the basis for protection under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  The concept is that the public has the right to know what occurs, especially, if it is on government property or in a place that the public is invited to be.  AMX videos are "documentary" in style in that there is no "staging,"  "directing," or "script" that is followed.   The videos present true life occurrences and tell the story of what tapers actually see at an event.   As such, they are protected by the Constitution and by case law as both "newsworthy" and documentary footage.

It is the intent of AMX that the footage that is provided will occasion changes in the society and result in more freedoms regarding public nudity and other individual freedoms.  Perhaps, individuals will be inspired by what they see other do, and will enrich their personal lives by not being limited by unwarranted societal rules and expectations.  Perhaps, the society itself will change to be more tolerant of individual behaviors and less judgmental of actions that do not cause any harm.  If our documentary news coverage has this effect, or if even one individual gives it serious thought, then we have been a success.


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Statement of Purpose ... ?

Our purpose is both to document, as journalists, and to entertain.  AMX believes both in the right of the public to know what occurs at events and in the rights of  the participants  to express themselves freely.  Civil disobedience and events that we cover are newsworthy and important in changing society. As such, we consider our videos to be photo journalism in the truest meaning of the phrase. It is our belief that public nudity should not be against the law, and we intend to promote change in the public perception and laws concerning this issue.

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Copyright Registration ... ?

All materials of AMX are copyrighted to prevent duplication or resale without a license.  Persons who violate the copyright are subject to penalties for infringement including fines of up to $100,000 per sales occurrence and such other penalties as the Copyright Act imposes including possible criminal sanctions. 

Internet, resale, retail, or other sales are prohibited without a written license from AMX Video.  This would include any use of pictures or advertising on a web site.  Re-sales on E-Bay or other auction sites are not authorized.

If you suspect any vendor of such an infringement, please e-mail flash at

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Quality of Videos ... ?

The original video footage is taped by the best professional video tapers.  Every attempt is made to use top line equipment and cameras.  Most tapes are of digital quality from 1998 until present.  Generally, cameras with 3 chip technology and "large chip" size are used by AMX tapers to assure the best resolution and color.

Lighting is done on an event by event basis, but we urge viewers to compare our lighting to any of our competitors.  Our on camera setup allows for the best lighting in most conditions.  

Editing is done by computer to assure frame by frame accuracy , "noiseless" cuts and non-linear capabilities.  AMX has used un-compressed capture to assure the highest image quality possible.  Additionally, our editing system has pioneered a technology that has improved the video quality.

Digital Masters are copied directly to the VHS tape to insure that there will not be any generation loss or other loss associated with linear editing.  Unlike the competition, there are no "third generation" tapes using our system.

Our tapes rarely have defects because they are professionally duplicated using the best equipment available and are personally inspected by a human quality checker.  Returns for defective video have been less than .8% at the time of this writing.

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Rating System X Rated ? Labeling?

AMX Videos are 'Not Rated" by certification boards or the Motion Picture Academy.  All videos contain nudity and are deemed unacceptable for minors.  Labeling and warnings are on the videos and the box covers to this effect.

Some videos may contain sexual contact of one type or another.  The description page of each title is the best place to see what the content of each video may be.

AMX public nudity events are shot on location.  AMX does not have control over what the participants do in each scene.  Often, sexual content occurs, but at other times, there is none.  We never know what will happen!  

While AMX complies with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. 2257 in labeling our products and notification, it is doubtful that those provisions apply to a documentary style production covering newsworthy events.

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Can you provide services to edit my home videos.. ?

If you would like to have your home videos professionally edited, contact us for a quote.  Prices are reasonable and you could have titles, slow mo and more for your home screen.

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Reputation of Company ?

AMX is registered with the reporting agencies and has never had a complaint filed against the company as of the time of this writing. We are proud that you can reach us by mail, computer or phone to discuss any problems.

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Does AMX License to Girls Gone Wild ?

AMX licenses footage to Girls Gone Wild for usage in their "re-edited" videos.  They censor the X-rated portions and put out a "soft" version of the product.  Effective 2002 AMX has ended this licensing relationship.

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Privacy Policies Legal Agreement ?

AMX's Privacy Policy

In order to provide Internet billing services, AMX must collect, use, and share certain information about you. This policy explains what we collect, who we share it with, and how you can contact AMX in order to ensure the accuracy of the data we collect, use, and share.  The data that AMX collects and maintains is as follows:

Information that you provide to us:
AMX or the Billing Companies receive and store all information that you enter on our sign-up (join) pages or in the Shopping Cart. This includes:

  1. Credit card sign-up page - the website you are purchasing services from, your e-mail address, credit card number, expiration date, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, country, and your agreement to be bound by the AMX's and the Billing Companies terms and conditions.
  2. Check sign-up page - the website you are purchasing services from, your bank's ABA routing number, your checking account number, your check number, your e-mail address, credit card number, expiration date, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, country, and your agreement to be bound by AMX's and the Billing companies terms and conditions.

Information that we automatically receive:
AMX and the Billing Companies receives and stores certain information whenever you download web pages, or send us e-mail or forms. For example:

  1. We identify the numerical IP address assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider.
  2. E-mail Correspondence: AMX or the billing company often requests a confirmation when you receive and open an e-mail communication delivered by AMX. We archive all e-mail sent in and out of our network, and we identify the origination IP address of all mail sent into our network. We require that you refrain from "forging headers" or sending "SPAM".

Information from third parties:
From time to time, AMX or the billing companies requests and receives information from third parties and compares it to the information that you have provided. The main purpose for this is that of loss prevention.

Protection of your privacy:
AMX will release data when we believe the release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our Agreement, and protect the contract rights of our Company. Billing Companies pass the following data to AMX:

  1. Credit card sign-up page information including the website you are purchasing services from, your e-mail address, language preference, credit card number, expiration date, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, country, and your agreement to be bound by Billing Companies terms and conditions.
  2. Check sign-up page information including the website you are purchasing services from, your e-mail address, language preference, credit card number, expiration date, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, country, and your agreement to be bound by Billing Companies terms and conditions, your bank's ABA routing number, your checking account number, and your check number.

AMX will not sell your information to a third party for any reason.

In addition, AMX and the Billing Companies as part of the credit card processing system must provide limited information to the services that connect it to the companies that perform the banking functions. The credit card associations have strict privacy rules that these companies must adhere to in order to be authorized to receive and process credit card transactions. AMX will never knowingly provide your information outside of the system.

AMX and the Billing Companies employ the latest and best techniques available for protecting it systems from intrusion by unauthorized individuals, and is constantly upgrading its security as better methods become available. All information is stored behind firewalls and other sophisticated security systems. 

AMX or the Billing Companies do not request, or knowingly collect identifiable information from children under the age of 18. CCBill does not knowingly use or share personal information from users under the age of 18 with third parties. CCBill does not offer children any promotions involving games, prizes, or any other activity that would induce a child to divulge personal information.

This Privacy Policy was posted in June 2001. AMX reserves the right to change, modify or amend this policy at any time. AMX takes privacy matters very seriously, and intends to stay at the forefront of privacy policy and protection matters. We will occasionally update our privacy policy and we will post those updates on this page. You are responsible for revisiting this page to review our privacy policy updates

Questions regarding the information AMX has stored about you should be in writing, and addressed to:


AMX Video

1607 Ridgeway Ave.

Co. Spgs., CO 80906


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