Mardi Gras 97 Vol 1-3
Rated R, 90 minutesOrder #B-10

Albedo Mardi Gras means lots of great looking college coeds posing for the cameras. Lots of bush and lots of fun in the bars and on the streets. A special look inside the strip clubs, and the Mardi Gras Superstar.

Mardi Gras 1997 Albedo has been covering Mardi Gras for 10 years, so you know they'll find all the best girls doing all the best things you want them to do! Each year, people clamor for Albedo Mardi Gras tapes, because New Orleans is Albedo territory! As in previous years, Albedo captured over 600 ladies getting NAKED on the public streets of the French Quarter! They had so much footage, they could only put in the BEST looking girls the party had to offer (ah, bummer). No street magic, no parades, and all PARTY! Volume One is the daytime party. The sun is up, and the light is excellent for viewing the prettiest ladies, as they party and get NAKED for the cameras! This volume also includes a wonderful tribute to a group that has livened up the party for the last five years! Volume Two begins the nighttime party. This is when the DRINKS have had a chance to work their magic, and the women let go. Albedo did their best to cause and catch some of the best footage you'll ever see! Volume Three continues the night time party. There's even a special section of some wild girls from Miami, who shows you that they definitely know how to PARTY!

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