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Albedo Productions goes to all the best parties in America the ones where pretty All-American girls get naked in public and brings you our famous reports on them.  One of their favorites is the party thrown just outside of Miami every October a thousand boats come out for the weekend, and lots of people join in your very favorite activity public nudity and wild partying.  They bring you this report, on the girls of the party, and the best party boat in Florida:  the Mortail, where clothes aren't optional, they are forbidden!  Warm, sunny weather, lots to eat and drink, pretty naked girls it just doesn't get any better than this!  Approximately 90 minutes. Albedo Naked High Seas 98 B-16

Naked From the Mountains to the Sea:  In this tape Albedo presents two of these wild, naked events!  One is a new (for Albedo) party that takes place in the mountains of Montana, where the rules are relaxed and all the women are encouraged to show off their bodies for the crowd.  The other is a party we have long enjoyed, where thousands of people park their boats in Biscayne Bay and party naked for a whole weekend.  Boats seems to equal beautiful women, and they are out in abundance for this naked event!  Albedo Naked Mountains 2 Sea 99 B-16

Naked on the High Seas 1997. The video was so well received in 1996, that they just had to go back. Cindy (from Auditions and Labor Day 1996) is back, looking as beautiful as ever! Miami remains one of the best places in the country to party, and this tape proves it! Approx. 90 minutes.  Naked On the High Seas 97 ORDER #B-16.  Albedo Naked High Seas 97 B-16

Naked on the High Seas 1996  One weekend every October, hundreds of boats convene in a sheltered bay. One of the greatest NUDE parties takes place! The nudity is LEGAL, so the police can't stop it! Albedo brought along a gorgeous blonde from California, who turned out to be the best party girl ever! But let us not forget the rest of the NUDE and TOPLESS partiers! 89 minutes.  Naked On the High Seas 96 ORDER #B-12. Albedo Mardi Gras 96 B-12 






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