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Raw Sex contains sexual scenes with the girls who had sex in the clubs, in the parking garages, the alleys or who went back to the rooms with us during Mardi Gras.  

Raw Sex at  Mardi Gras     


Jennifer on the stairs in V6

Mardi Gras Raw!


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Order #A-244 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Wiggle & Giggle" Volume 6

Order #A-212 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "eXplosive" Volume 5

Order #A-184 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Maximum Exposure" Volume 4

Order #A-157 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Hearts" Volume 3

Order #A-136 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Crazy" Volume 2

(Volume One of the Raw series has been discontinued)


Raw Sex Mardi Gras Videos 

Ami from Southern Charms at Mardi

Where your beads if you forget your clothes! V6

Sex in Public on stage in front of 100s with a big climax!  V5

Julia in one of the best scenes AMX ever shoot.  This One Made Us Cry!  V5

Ariel on the Stairway!!! V4

Bianca: the girl with the rabbit ears became a legend in her scenes!!! V4

Missy is a cute one!  V4

Ariel and Friends with the Police!!  V4

Party Group V1; We had some fun

Blaze of V1; She did it in a parking garage in a scene to remember!

Touch and Feel V1

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Order #A-244 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Wiggle & Giggle" Volume 6

Order #A-212 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "eXplosive" Volume 5

Order #A-184 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Maximum Exposure" Volume 4

Order #A-157 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Hearts" Volume 3

Order #A-136 Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Crazy" Volume 2

(Volume One of the Raw series has been discontinued)


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mardi gras clown

Not just clowning around this time!

Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!

What is Raw Sex at Mardi Gras?

 The Raw Sex at MARDI GRAS series is a compilation of all of the sex scenes from the regular Mardi Gras series plus additional footage that is not in the main Mardi Gras series.  The sex scenes are back to back and there is not any of the flashing or non-sex footage of the other series.  All of the performers are amateurs who were actually at the Mardi Gras and agreed to be videotaped.

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Wiggle & Giggle" Vol. 6

Volume 6 contains: 

18 year old Jennifer in her first sex scene makes a friend at Mardi Gras and does it on the stairs.  See her pony tail fly as she giggles in delight.  (For those that cannot get enough of Jennifer, AMX talked Jennifer into appearing in Party Girls Vol. 2).

Amy who lost her keys and is forced to walk Bourbon street naked.  She is so grateful for their return that she takes on the group.  After getting cum drenched, we take her back out to Bourbon Street as she is asked "what's all over your face?"  Hear her embarrassed replies!   Amy .

Caulk boy finds a caulk gun left by the hotel painters and tries to caulk Vicky as she has never be cocked before and right in the hotel conference area.  All sorts of caulking and cocking was going on with this poor girl worrying about her holes being caulked shut!

Chase comes home with one but takes on three friends in a Mardi Day celebration.  Cum dripping in her hair and at least two at a time sometimes more.

Inter-racial sex in the elevator of a major hotel.  She just couldn't wait to get back to the room.  Ass licking and full sex fun! Ding, this is the lobby!  Oh, my god!

The famous Domino's Pizza scene where Gina walks into the order area with a large cum wad dripping in her eyes.  This order was to go!

Feel up group and giving a BJ on the dance floor of a local bar satisfies a girl in need!

Griffo Hot Sauce commercial take # 1.  It's hot!

A hot tub party organized by Victoria for a rainy day during Mardi Gras.  Come get warm with Victoria and her friends in a sexual romp.  These girls and guys know how to have fun!  Victoria's Parties

Not rated but adult content (nudity+ sexual activity) appx. 1:40 hrs. 

Order  #A-244.

naked at mardi gras

Gina from V6 is talked into walking into Domino's with a very messy face!

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "eXplosive" Vol. 5 

Volume 5   Mardi Gras Explosive with a capital X!  

Included in this years Mardi Gras Raw Sex are the following scenes:

A couple goes to the back streets of New Orleans for a little "private time."  Full sex ends in a messy facial shot and the decision is made to go in and order Pizza with a very messy face.  The reaction of the Domino's employees is priceless.  

Two beads exchanges lead to BJ action.  One is in a crowded bar and the other is in the middle of Bourbon St.  You get good beads for that type of action.

An English lass catches on to the Mardi Gras tradition quickly and brings home a bar friend for a late night romp.  What she forgets to tell him, and what leads to a surprise, is the best part of this scene.

Julia plays with the help of the cameraman to a earth shaking climax.  If you have any doubts about what is real and what is faked, the tears rolling down her cheeks will let you know the answer.

A girl is talked into dancing topless on the bar in front of hundreds.  Then, she convinces her friend to join her in the crowded fountain area for full public sex.  You can actually see the people walking down Bourbon St. during this sex.

The "Pig-Tail" girl streaks a Bourbon St. establishment in broad daylight to the delight of passersby on the sidewalk.  Then, she grabs a guy for back at the room fun.

Another girl who joins us in the "back street office" for a sex encounter of the third kind!

The infamous Whipped Cream Girl has some fun!

A couple goes for it in the upstairs bar of the famed 711 Club.

Not rated but adult content (nudity+ sexual activity) appx. 1:40+ hrs. 

Order  #A-212.

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras "Maximum Exposure" Vol. 4 

Sex in the stairway of a major hotel as some guests pass through the scene but don't say anything.  Only at Mardi Gras.  Upside down 69 position.  Ariel ends up going down the hallway to ask the maid for a towel to wipe her dripping face with. 

The amazing Bianca is one of the most popular in AMX history  See her in back to the room action plus more.  She was also at New Years and has a scene in the Sugar Bowl video.  See her earn very special beads.  Who could resist?  One hot number.

A couple meets flashing and finds a stairway for full sex with lots of oral.   

A very messy BJ in a back room starring Oasis of .  A true babe who loves her sex and is fun, fun, fun.

A wild girl takes on a beer bottle and two guys on stage at a local bar.  Public sex at its' best!  See it to believe it.

Missy finds a loft to her liking and full sex fun ensues.    What a cute one.

A favorite parking garage is home to some unbelievable fun as a diplomatic limo unloads in the background.  If they only knew!

In the park in front of the Performing Arts Building a frisky couple romps.

In the bars and on the balconies.

Back to the room with a young one.

Not rated but adult content (nudity+ sexual activity) appx. 1:36+ hrs. 

Order  #A-184.

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras  "Hearts " Vol. 3

This volume includes:

 Strip Poker game that results in no losers but a winning hand for everyone.

2 girls who take the AMX cameraman back to the room, 

2 girl-girl scenes, 

Public Sex some oral both in the clubs and on the street in large crowds. 

Also, a great couple that goes for it all in the side street alley. 

A hot girl solo, with lots of hands.

Not rated by the Motion Picture Academy but adult content (nudity+ sexual content) 1:40 hrs. Order  #A-157. 

Order  #A-157.

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras  "Crazy " Vol. 2

This volume includes:

 our innocent 18 year old who likes to flash on the street in her pig tails and "little girl" dress. She ends up "going all the way" for us with several guys and climaxes. 

Next up, is a back alley scene with a blond beauty and her boyfriend including a messy cum shot. 

Then, on to sex on the stair well of the hotel, and then a four some in the parking garage and then ... 

Especially, hot is a sex on the stairway scene and what the AMX crew get totally "blown" away by a party favorite.

10 couples are in this video. Plus some others

Not rated by the Motion Picture Academy but adult content (nudity+ sexual content) 1:40 hrs.

Order  #A-136.

Raw Sex at Mardi Gras  "Wild 1 " Vol. 1

This volume includes:

The full scenes of amateur couples taken during the Mardi Gras. 

See the full scenes that were too long and hot to include in our Mardi Gras series:

The five-some on the stairway of a major hotel in New Orleans;

 a back-alley threesome in one of the hot scenes that made AMX famous;

girl-girl action with a young looking innocent;

and two sex in the parking garages featuring messy cum scenes.  One featured red head Blaze as her Mom watched.

Most were shot in public places and with real danger of being discovered (security came into one scene). 

 Rated XXX.

Each volume is 120 minutes of all out sex fun.

Order  #A-115.

(Volume One of the Raw series has been discontinued)

The Special Friends !

Some of our special friends deserve another look:

Amy Charms of see one of the wildest girls anywhere!

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