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The Kentucky Derby 

Order the Kentucky Derby: 

Order #A-192 Kentucky Derby Vol. 1

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#A-192 Kentucky Derby Vol. 1

Run for the Roses with the blue-blood girls of Kentucky in this Post Time tradition. The girls gather up the roses and move to the center of the infield. Then, anything goes in the best party of the year at the Downs. 

Some say that horses run around the track during the Party but who cares? The freedom to have a great time on a warm afternoon and show what you’ve got?!?!. Oh My!! 

"Concerts & Parties" of Sturgis!

Order from "Concerts" Event Series: 

Order #A-193 "Concerts & Parties" Vol. 1

Order #A-194 "Concerts & Parties" Vol. 2

More Information:

#A-193 " Concerts & Parties" Vol. 1

#A-194 " Concerts & Parties" Vol. 2

Public Nudity at Concerts is becoming common. AMX takes you inside the pit to see the girls take it off in very large crowds.  Up on the shoulders to make sure that the band can see, dancing to the music.  Pretty wild stuff!

Also, featured is “bare-back riding” on the mechanical bull, plus a Wet-T contest, and the parade of topless girls at the campground. 

Gulfport Blowout"

Order from "Gulfport" Series: 

Order #A-190 Gulfport Blowout Vol. 1

More Information:

Order #A-190 Gulfport Blowout Vol. 1


The South shall rise again at the Gulfport Summer Blowout. AMX presents the girls that make waving the flag worthwhile at this biker and rowdies party. 

Lots of public nudity, wet-t contests and side actions with girls who say “ya’ll” and “cum back” a lot. 


Cillicothe "Easy Rodeo"

Order from "EZ" Series:  

Order #A-195 Easy Rodeo Vol. 2

# A-196 Easy Rodeo Vol. 3

# A-197 Easy Rodeo Vol. 4

Easy Rodeo #A-168

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"EZ" Title Page

Held at the County Fairgrounds, this gathering of 30,000 marks the end of summer with a “rodeo” of fun!  Public nudity is constant during this anything goes party that goes around the clock. 

 Girls walk topless through large crowds to let everyone photograph and look.  Then, at night, there is so much action that it is hard to know where to look next.

Colorado Naked Ski Day "Snow Angels"

Order from "Naked Ski" Series: 

Order #A-140 Naked Snow Angels Vol. 2

Order Video #A-117 Naked Ski Day


More Information:

Naked Ski "Snow Angels" Vol. 2 #A-139

Naked Ski Day Vol. 1 #A-117

Double Black Diamond!! Great snow, great skiing and great women. It was a titty bit nipply for the naked snow angels in the Rockies. 

This year 100s skied naked to the lodges, the lift lines, and through the crowd. 

Enjoy the chills and thrills of one of AMX’s best party videos as we see more flesh in the sun plus all of the festivities.  Don’t miss this one!

Girls of the Indy 500

Order from "Indy 5" Series: 

Order #A-162 Indy 500 Vol. 1

Order #A-187 Indy 500 Vol. 2

More Information:

Indy 500 Vol. 1 #A-162

Indy 500 Vol. 2 #A-187

Gentlemen, start your engines! One of the best Parties ever was the one at the Track. They even had a car race at the same time. 

Thanks to Horny Harold, who was the pioneer of the public nudity videos, you have the chance to see the unabashed fun, nudity and sex from the beginning.

Bike Week Sturgis

Order from "Bike Week" Series: 

Order  Video A-142 Bike Week Volume 3

Order  Video A-122 Bike Week Volume 2

Order  Video A-107 Bike Week Volume 1

More Information:

# A-142 Bike Week Volume 3

# A-122 Bike Week Volume 2

# A-107 Bike Week Volume 1

Something is special about the biker girls. They don't want to play too coy or act like it's a big deal. They want to show and show a lot and do it just for fun.

 No beads, no dollars, but just to do it because they can.

 Showing off is even more important than beer (hard to believe but true)! You gotta love em!

Daytona "10 Days"

Order from "10 Days" Series: 

Order #A-159 "10 Days of Daytona Vol. 2

Order #A-138 "10 Days of Daytona" Vol. 1

More Information:

#A-159 "10 Days of Daytona Vol. 2

#A-138 "10 Days of Daytona" Vol. 1

Spring Break and Biker Week:

 The contests continue and the girls show more and more. Our cameras spent the week shooting up at all the action. 

Plus, the early Spring Break girls show as much as they can in this rough and tumble romp through the 2 best weeks of Daytona. 

Hold on for this one!


Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!


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of AMX Videos.  

Naked On TV uses a new technology that actually works for this streaming. 

Presently playing on Naked On TV is Spring Break Vol. 4


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