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Pee In Public  

Order the "Flashing In Public" Series:

Order  P in Public #A-116 Vol. 1  Discontinued after the most amazing run in AMX history

Order P in Public #137 Vol. 2

Order P in Public #158 Vol. 3

Order P in Public #167 Vol. 4 

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P in Public #A-116 Vol. 1

P in Public #137 Vol. 2

P in Public #158 Vol. 3

P in Public #167 Vol. 4 

Another of our "specialty" classics as amateur models relieve themselves at various locations. 

Can't wait to go? The camera is on as this bevy of beauties says "right here?" 

Candid alley shots plus daring, "in public" pees. Lots of close up action as girls try to ----. Great looking girls with their pants down in compromising positions.

 Pee by the freeway, in the park, in the alley, in the apartment lot, and more!

Freaky Street Girls

Order from "Freaky" Series:  

Order #A-166 Freaky Street



More Information:

#A-166 Freaky Street







Scenes include:

1. Girl in park as helicopter nearly crashes during landing;

2. Between the yellow lines of the overpass in downtown. With traffic.

3. Between two 20 story office buildings as cars drive by.

4. In a phone booth as cars drive by.

5. Overlooking the harbor and lovers on the shore.

6. As a moving train rumbles by.

7. Off of a flatbed as workers wonder "what the ..?"