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Flashing In Public  

Order the "Flashing In Public" Series:

Order  Video Flashing #A-101 Volume 1

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Walmart to Kinkos to Crowded Bars to Macs on the Interstate or in Mile Hi Stadium to Who knows.  High risk situations with many people present.  The best flashing series in history.

More Information:

Video Flashing #A-101 Volume 1

Video Flashing #A-129 Volume 2

Video Flashing #A-130 Volume 3

Video Flashing #A-146 Volume 4*

Video Flashing #A-147 Volume 5*

Video Flashing #A-175 Volume 6*


Naked In Public

Order from "NIP" Series:  

Order #A-232 Naked in Public Volume 3

Order #A-226 Naked in Public Volume 2

Order #A-225 Naked in Public Volume 1


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#A-225 Naked In PublicVols. 1, 2 & 3


Battleship Alabama, nude inpublic


nude shopping, nude in public

What is Naked in Public?

 Girls stripped naked and running through unbelievable places!  Being naked in public is one of the greatest risks, because how can you explain what you are doing?  And we go where no one would be naked!

Naked in Public 1 box Cover

Wild In Public

Order from "Wild" Series:  

Order #A-198 Wild In Public Vol. 1

Order #A-205 Wild In Public Vol. 2

Order #A-217 Wild In Public Vol. 3

More Information:

#A-198 Wild In Public Vol. 1

#A-205 Wild In Public Vol. 2

#A-217 Wild In Public Vol. 3

Wild In Public features great girls in Public Places telling all and showing all.  The fact that it is in public makes everything go different than the expected.  Also, a great event is featured that involves public nudity. 

Streaking through furniture stores, parks, baseball fields and muffler shops is just the start. 

Sex down on the docks in broad daylight, streaking national monuments, theme parks, and the best of a public nudity location. 

Interviews that will knock you out!



Freaky Street Girls

Order from "Freaky" Series:  

Order #A-166 Freaky Street



More Information:

#A-166 Freaky Street







Scenes include:

1. Girl in park as helicopter nearly crashes during landing;

2. Between the yellow lines of the overpass in downtown. With traffic.

3. Between two 20 story office buildings as cars drive by.

4. In a phone booth as cars drive by.

5. Overlooking the harbor and lovers on the shore.

6. As a moving train rumbles by.

7. Off of a flatbed as workers wonder "what the ..?"


Public Sex


Order #A-169 Sex In Public

Order #A-233 Sex In Public

More Information:

#A-169 Sex In Public

Sex in Public

The Sex in Public series features sex in daring places.  Nothing is faked, and the "stars" are real life amateurs who want to do something more risky and you might believe.

Some don't know what they are about to get into!

Albedo Video "Naked In Public"

Order from "Naked in Public" Series:  

Order Albedo #B-15 Naked In Public Volume 1

Order Albedo #B-23 Naked In Public Volume 2

Order Albedo #B-24 Naked In Public Volume 3

Order Albedo #B-29 Naked In Public Volume 4

Order Albedo #B-30 Naked In Public Volume 5

Order Albedo #B-35 Naked In Public Volume 6



These items are discontinued due to Albedo no longer being in business. Please call or e-mail concerning available Albedo titles.

We've discovered that our audience loves video of true amateurs getting naked for our cameras, and especially likes it when it is in public. 

So instead of going to where we would expect to find public nudity- we put four beautiful girls where nobody expected them to be naked.

We did shopping centers, office buildings, highways and rest stops, the beach, housing areas, and a whole lot more. 

Four lovely woman get very naked in places you wouldn't expect.


Sex-Fun Picture Gallery!

The Sex-Fun Picture Gallery has images from all the Events, Streaming Video, Model Sessions with the Girls from the Videos, 100s of Galleries of Public Nudity & Flashing!  Join for Previews & More!


Streaming Video at Full Screen & Full Length

of AMX Videos.  

Naked On TV uses a new technology that actually works for this streaming.  


Presently playing on Naked On TV is Spring Break Vol. 4