Fantasy Fest Videos of Public Nudity  shot "on the street" in Key West!


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"KISSING BANDITS" at Fantasy Fest 

Order from "Kissing Bandits" Series: 

Order #A-249 "Kissing Bandits" Volume 1

Order #A-250 "Kissing Bandits" Volume 2

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"Kissing Bandits" Title Page

body painting flashers at Fantasy Fest


Full Naked on Duvall Street!!



"KISSING BANDITS" at Fantasy Fest

The Fantasy Fest is the most sensual party of the year.  There is a sexual energy that makes this party special.  The girls of Fantasy Fest are playful and this year the cameras concentrated on the playful girl-girl flashing, touching and kissing.  There is something soft and passionate when two girls forget where they are and kiss and stroke in public.  We were up close and personal to show you what it is like to be involved in the kiss and the touch.

Our two favorite kissing bandits make their way back to the room for some heated girl-girl play that ends in deep penetration and a full climax.  The two girls are fresh and amateur and will steal your hearts as they meet each other on the street but are quick to want more.  One has never been with a girl and it is the first time on camera for both.  Wow!

  Order  #A-249.

Order  #A-250.

 "Rally Monkey" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "Rally Monkey" Series: 

Order #A-236 FANTASY FEST "Rally Monkey" Volume 1

Order #A-237 FANTASY FEST "Rally Monkey" Volume 2

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"Rally Monkey" Title Page



"Rally Monkey" Makes Bush Proud!

Topless hula hoops and topless bull riding were two of the new sports introduced this season.  Naked cartwheels, while not new, are of interest also.  Cast your vote for the next Olympic event based on the participants.  Santa is quite a hula girl. 

The Globetrotters were in attendance and dancing in the clubs, and Venus and Serena volleyed for the crowd in a impromptu match of street tennis.  Meet the Playboy Bunnies.

Unfortunately, our cameraman, Flash, was cited by the police and punished severely.  AMX wishes him well in his recovery.

"Flags Over Bush" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "Flags Over Bush" Series: 

Order #A-223 Fantasy Fest "Flags Over Bush" Vol. 11

Order #A-222 Fantasy Fest "Flags Over Bush" Vol. 10

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"Flags Over Bush" Title Page

Fantasy Fest "Flags Over Bush"

"Flags" Cause Bush Controversy!

“Ask not what your country can show you, but what you can show the entire country.”  

Girls continue showing their widespread support for Bush and their patriotism.  To fight the threat of terrorism, many demanded to be strip searched by AMX security personnel.   

National pride demanded that girls be brave enough to show everything in this time of crisis.   Morale will go up for all those that see this shameless display of courage in pulling them down for the camera while at the parade, in the clubs or on the street.  God bless America! 


"Vote For Bush" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "Vote For Bush" Series: 

Order #A-200 Fantasy Fest "Vote For Bush" Vol. 7

Order #A-201 Fantasy Fest "Vote For Bush" Vol. 8

Order #A-202 Fantasy Fest "Vote For Bush" Vol. 9

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"Vote For Bush" Title Page


Fantasy Fest Flasher

"Vote For Bush" Puts President Over the Top!

An entire election turned on one video.  See history in the making as the Electoral College is swayed.  

Halloween makes this a costume party that never lets up including Toga Night, Kelly's Party and culminating in the Street Parade.  

This year the theme was "Circuses & Sideshows" resulting in a carnival atmosphere.

 "Hurricane of Bush" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "Hurricane" Series:  

Order A-172 Hurricane of Bush Fantasy Fest Volume 5 

Order A-173 Hurricane of Bush Fantasy Fest Volume 6



More Information:

"Hurricane" Title Page

Florida Governor Bush Press Release!

 The Governor declared a national emergency when he discovered all the girls clothes had been blown away at the recent celebration.  "Hurricane Bush" will become a legend in the annals of the Florida Keys for selectively disrobing most of the 75,000 who crowded Duval Street for Fantasy Fest.  

Send your "relief contributions" care of AMX.  The Red Cross intends to try and provide clothing to these needy persons. ###

"Key To Bush" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "Key" Series: 

Order A-149 Key To Bush Fantasy Fest Vol. 3

Order A-150 Key To Bush Fantasy Fest Vol. 4

More Information:

"Key" Title Page

Playful nudity and sexuality in the streets without hassles or pretence. In this one, you show off just because you want to! 

Take the Key to the Bush and unlock the mysteries of women. 

They will surprise you with what they really want to do. What could you be doing that is more fun than this?

 "In the Bush" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "In the Bush" Series: 

Order #126 In The Bush

More Information:

"In the Bush" Title Page

Girls just want to show off for us. Michael needed knee pads as all the girls dropped their drawers and AMX shot bush after bush. 

We went to the beach during the day, then it was the street and bush, the back alleys and bush, the convenience store and bush, in night clubs and bush, and bush and bush.

"Call of the Wild" at Fantasy Fest

Order from "Wild" Series: 

Fantasy Fest "Call of the Wild" #A-111

More Information:

"In the Bush" Title Page

Flash's favorite party is the Fantasy Fest in Key West. At night, the costumes and body artworks come out to show off for the camera, and despite some police interference, we shot it all. 

Topless in the bars and bush flashes shot on the street, plus a special in the t-shirt store and hanky panty everywhere. 

During the day we went to the nude sun club and hit the topless beaches for an eyeful. Who could ask for more?


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