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Europe's Parks & Beaches  

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Nude Beaches

Nude Beaches

Europe's Beaches

Our world travels include Southern France, Germany, Austria, and More!  See the "English Garden," St. Tropez, Nice and the best hidden beaches.

More Information:

#A-106 Europe's Beaches Vol. 1 

#A-120 Europe's Beaches Vol. 2 

#A-152 Europe's Beaches Vol. 3 

#A-176 Europe's Beaches Vol. 4 

California Nude Beaches

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"California Sniper" Vol. 1-5


The Sniper

Sniper Video Productions has produced this video of the California Beaches for AMX.  Their style is ... different.  The close-up is the trophy and the Sniper is the big game hunter of the Beach.  He will take every chance and stay as long as needed to bag the prey.

The California Beaches

He crashes personal photo shoots and private interludes at the Beach for close-ups of all the best spots.  You will see the goose bumps, and the wetness, as the Sniper creeps in ever so close to get the shot he wants.  

You must admire the daring of a guy who gets this close without getting caught.  Is he invisible or lucky?  People look at him and almost step on him, but continue and never speak.  

South Beach Miami""

Order from "South Beach" Series:  

Order #A-127 South Beach Miami Vol. 2

Order #A-110 South Beach Miami Vol. 1

More Information:

#A-127 South Beach Miami Vol. 2

#A-110 South Beach Miami Vol. 1


South Beach

South Beach is sunshine and beautiful girls by the thousands. AMX went undercover for the top 250 of the jet setters and girlfriends, and found them oiling up, playing and in the water and showing off to everyone. 

More young girls than ever, plus we met "naked girl" who always wanted to be in a video. She was naked at the beach, in trees, on the street, and back to the beach, you won't believe it. She showed us a thing or two (or more).


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